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Posted by: Barbara

Television 2011-2012 - 09/09/11 12:44 AM

It's that time.

The Closer is closing, but not all the way. Major Crimes, the spin-off starring Mary McDonnell, was originally planned to begin one week after the Closer finale and in the same time slot, but a hasty web search failed to turn up a confirmed start date. The finale is next week, so we'll know soon enough.

But here's something interesting. Brenda Leigh Johnson's civil case winds up next week (the finale), and what happens to Brenda depends upon a judge's decision. I read an interview with Mary McDonnell in which she said after the first season of Major Crimes, when the show has had time to settle into its routine, it was quite likely that Chief Johnson would return for a few guest appearances. Chief Johnson.

Now, this was not a recent interview; it took place while Major Crimes was still in the planning stages. Maybe it was just a trial balloon. Or maybe it's true. Your guess is as good as mine. I hope it's true -- that would be a much more satisfying ending than having Brenda leave under a cloud.
Posted by: Pete

Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/09/11 11:24 AM

I haven't been watching The Closer recently, but Chief Johnson has been her title all along. Evidently, she's still there, and Major Crimes will involve other people in the unit. I wonder if McDonnell will keep that wonderful evil whisper going?
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/09/11 09:27 PM

Ah, that's right...Assistant Chief, but addressed as "Chief". But if Raydor is going to run Major Crimes (Johnson's current job), and Johnson is still around to make guest appearances...where/what is she, exactly?
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/09/11 11:37 PM

Hm, that's the question. I suppose she could get some kind of "lateral promotion" that lets her retain her title. The one thing that makes me dubious about a promotion is the lack of time. We'd have to see her working a new case, cleared of the civil suit charges, promoted, and Raydor brought in as the new head of the Major Crimes squad -- in 60 minutes minus time for commercials. They could dispense with the new case, I suppose, but that still leaves a lot to be crowded into the last episode.

But suppose all that does happen, what would be a good last line to be uttered in The Closer? Maybe Raydor addressing her new squad for the first time: "Now, there are going to be some changes around here."
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/13/11 10:41 AM

That was NOT The Closer's finale! The channel guide said it was, but there's no way that could be right.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/13/11 11:56 AM

TV Guide said so too, but there was nothing final in that finale. No closure, just a closing shot of Brenda looking troubled.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/13/11 12:12 PM

Some sort of screw-up and the PR release had the wrong date. At least that solves the problem of how to squeeze so much into one episode, although we're not really any closer to a wrap-up since Brenda is facing new charges.
Posted by: Pete

Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/13/11 12:13 PM

Poor Brenda! She has left a lot of skeletons in the closet that will come back to haunt her in the future! That lawyer appears to be on a crusade to stalk her for he rest of her life.

It looks as if she'll resign while being sued in federal court. If McDonnell is going to take over the unit, he changes may take place off screen--but I wonder if he McDonnell show will make it?
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/13/11 01:01 PM

Yes, that looks as if that's the direction the show is following -- back to the original concept of having Brenda resign or get fired. And that leaves the question of how she can still be around for guest appearances once Raydor takes over the major crimes unit.

Something is really screwed up in the scheduling. The listings say that next Monday we'll see the same episode that was shown this week.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/14/11 07:03 PM

Did anyone watch the premiere of Ringer last night?

Sarah Michelle Gellar reminds me...Barbara, somewhere you mentioned losing an episode of Buffy when your DVR died, and I asked if you were a Buffy fan. Did you see that?
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/15/11 07:22 PM

Sorry, Lorna, I missed that. No, I'm not a Buffy fan. I watched the first two or three episodes when the show first aired, but I was disappointed by how lame they all were, especially the first one. For one thing, we're supposed to have a slayer strong enough to battle vampires and demons, and they cast this slip of a girl with absolutely no muscle tone whatsoever. And the way she talked! Everyone else in that show had good, clear speech, but the leading lady swallowed her lines. I understood maybe half of what she said. So I gave up on the show rather quickly.

But recently I've been watching reruns, and I've come to appreciate the cleverness of the dialogue. It's witty and full of references that I seriously doubt the kid actors understood, and it's fun to listen to. So it's a little ironic that the one episode I'd recorded ("Hush") when my DVR died has no dialogue at all in most of the hour. Everyone in Sunnydale loses the power of speech, and that weird phenomenon is the work of a villainous group called The Gentlemen:


The Gentlemen don't walk; they glide smoothly over the surface of the ground, tilting their evil grinning skulls and making graceful hand gestures -- spooky and funny at the same time. I love these guys.

But no, I didn't watch Ringer.

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Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/16/11 08:08 PM

I watched Ringer. It might be a success with kids who've never seen its derivative plot before, but it's too much Buffy playing at being grown up for me.

Did you know Sarah Michelle Gellar wanted to quit Buffy after the first season? She'd had a couple of movie offers, but Josh Whedon wouldn't release her from her contract. So she stayed for the run of the show, then made a couple of movies which promptly tanked, and now here she is back on TV.

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Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/18/11 08:08 AM

The Closer's website says there'll be new episodes starting in November. That "finale" that left everything up in the air was just a season finale (although it didn't even look like that). So we'll have an abbreviated season to wrap things up. I think it's only six episodes, but that will be enough.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/18/11 10:55 AM

Aha, that's one mystery solved! Thank you, Lorna. I hope they're keeping the rest of the cast in the new show. It wouldn't be the same without Provenza and Flynn.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/20/11 11:07 AM

Yes, this makes much more sense. It's still anybody's guess as to how Brenda makes her exit, but six more episodes and we'll know.
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2011-2012 - 09/22/11 07:21 PM

A new Survivor, and no one has mentioned it! The second episode (last night) was a doozie. Russell Hantz's nephew is one of the players, and the only one he's told is Coach. Remember Coach? He and Ozzie are the two returning players. Anyway, Brandon (the nephew) used to be a bad boy but now he claims he's cleaned up his act and wants to redeem the Hantz family name. He's married and wants to remain faithful...but one of the girls unknowingly tempted him by stripping down to her skivvies when she went for a swim. So he started a campaign to get rid of her (it's all HER fault, you see). He lied about her and lied to Coach, saying two of the other girls wanted her out. He's Russell's nephew, all right! But the lies were exposed in tribal, and the girl in question didn't receive a single vote. The aftermath of all that should be interesting.