Bill Cosby

Posted by: Rita

Bill Cosby - 11/25/14 12:28 PM

I'm sure you're all following the Cosby story. At first I had to wonder if all these sudden accusations were simply people jumping on the bandwagon in a sadistic game of "Let's get the celebrity!" But there's nothing sudden about them...they stretch back at least ten years. One of the victims said that until a man accused Cosby, no one would listen. Sad, sad.
Posted by: Kay

Re: Bill Cosby - 11/25/14 08:35 PM

It's unnerving because of his long standing image. He was the graduation speaker at my son's commencement at William and Mary years ago...This is Dr. Cliff Huxtable we are talking about, not Errol Flynn...this is on a par with the priest accusations.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Bill Cosby - 11/26/14 11:53 AM

It's been going on for longer than ten years. It's only in the past decade that the women have been speaking up about it, and it's understandable why those early victims kept quiet. Among other things, rape is an abuse of power, and Cosby had the power. So many women, so frightened and for so long. But I haven't read one word about criminal charges being brought against Cosby.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Bill Cosby - 11/28/14 11:42 AM

Cosby will never do time; he's 77 years old and California does love its celebrities. One of his victims filed a civil suit against him that was eventually dropped (the assumption is that she was just paid off). But even that is wrong -- she had to hire a lawyer because the police brushed her off.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Bill Cosby - 12/07/14 08:49 PM

That's changing now. The LAPD has opened an investigation into the whole nasty business.
Posted by: Kay

Re: Bill Cosby - 12/09/14 12:01 AM

Meanwhile on Fraternity Row at the University of Virginia...