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Posted by: Barbara

Not-so-current movies 4 - 07/20/16 06:33 PM

Last night I went to see Helen Mirren in The Audience, an NTL encore showing. Mirren plays Elizabeth II again, in a series of weekly "audiences" with her Prime Ministers over the years -- a role that requires much changing of dresses and wigs. Not great drama, but it is engaging. Elizabeth's scenes with Harold Wilson (played by Richard McCabe) are charming and funny, but not all the Prime Ministers fare so well. IMO, the play is just one PM too long. One of the pleasures for me was seeing how much Mirren enjoyed playing the role. Woman loves her work. smile
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Not-so-current movies 4 - 07/23/16 02:46 PM

I forgot to mention that the playwright who wrote The Audience, Peter Morgan, also wrote Queen. There was an interview with Mirren shown after the play, and she said initially she had not wanted to do The Audience. She'd already played Elizabeth II once, and she'd just finished playing Elizabeth I for a limited series that showed here on PBS, so she felt the need to "dequeenify" herself -- her word. She agreed to a meeting out of courtesy, but when she walked in and saw THAT playwright and THAT producer and THAT director and THAT designer, she asked herself, "Are you an IDIOT?" Passing up the chance to work with those people -- utter foolishness! So she went queening again.
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Re: Not-so-current movies 4 - 07/23/16 06:47 PM

Oh, Queen was great! Same writer, huh? Strange.