Television 2012

Posted by: Lorna

Television 2012 - 07/17/12 09:39 PM

The other topic was getting very long, so...

A light-hearted Closer last night, and a sweet/sad/funny Eureka finale. I'm going to miss both those shows.

Anyone watch Political Animals? I liked the political part more than the domestic part, and that's unusual for me.
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2012 - 07/18/12 12:53 AM

The Closer will continue, in modified form, but nothing can replace Eureka, dern it.

One thing I simply could not buy in Political Animals was Ciaran Hinds as the most popular president since JFK. The man is completely lacking in charisma, and his performance turned the former president into a southern-fried buffoon. There's no chemistry between him and Sigourney Weaver, so their one bed scene just wasn't believable at all. The politicking was fun, though.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 07/18/12 02:33 AM

During Eureka's finale, didn't you find yourself waiting for some miracle to save the town? Their loss of funding, the packing up and moving, the goodbyes -- the show just couldn't end on that sad a note, even with the comic/threatening wormholes lightening the mood. The show needed some last-minute deus ex machina to come swooping in and save the town in the most unpredictable and improbable way imaginable, and that's exactly what happened. As a final episode, it was perfect.

There's been a lot of talk about how Political Animals might be a picture of the Clintons if Hillary had kicked Bill out instead of "standing by her man". But I thought the best scenes were the ones in which Elaine and the journalist went head to head. Rita, I agree completely about Hinds.
Posted by: Pete

Re: Television 2012 - 07/18/12 10:10 AM

There are four episodes of Closer left.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Television 2012 - 07/18/12 11:02 AM

Yep, Eureka went out on a high note. And no mention of the mole in The Closer...I guess they're just going to let it drop.
Posted by: David Dvorkin

Re: Television 2012 - 07/18/12 07:48 PM

I didn't watch Political Animals, but I'm surprised to read that about Hinds. He had presence as Julius Caeser in Rome.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 07/19/12 01:13 AM

Well, part of the problem is that he's just trying too hard to come across as a Good Ole Boy from North Carolina, and it's just not working.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Television 2012 - 07/20/12 12:20 PM

I finally watched it last night and yes, Hinds is buffoonish. He's supposed to be a charming scoundrel and he has the scoundrel part down pat, but the charm is lacking. The rest of the cast is spot on, though, right down to the bottom-pinching Viktor. The power plays have a lot of potential...let's see what happens in the second episode.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 07/24/12 01:50 AM

The second episode was pretty good, but Ellen Burstyn can't sing any better now than she did in Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More. A frivolous matter: I was impressed by Sigourney Weaver's bare arms. How many 63-year-old women do you know with arms like that? The political scenes are still more interesting than the domestic scenes, but TBS keeps pushing it as a family drama.

Good, complex Closer tonight, with one mention of the leak, in a dismissive way. This was the first Monday with no more Eureka and I'm suffering terrible withdrawal pains. frown
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Television 2012 - 07/24/12 07:11 PM

Yeah, me too.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Television 2012 - 07/24/12 11:54 PM

Interesting that Brenda finally realized Pope has not been watching her back. The peek at next week's episode that showed Pope yelling at her with real animosity...things are not peachy keen in Major Crimes.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Television 2012 - 07/25/12 10:29 AM

Any bets on whether Pope will be in the new series or not?
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Television 2012 - 07/31/12 06:17 PM

No, he won't. The rest of the squad will be back, with Taylor reduced to recurring status and a new detective added. Fritz will also be back (recurring), surprisingly.

AMC has dropped The Killing.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Television 2012 - 08/07/12 04:12 PM

Things don't look good for Brenda Leigh Johnson. Her mother has died, her cancer-survivor father is alone, and Taylor has been promoted over her. Taylor! The preview for next week's finale had such a sad look to it.

But the solution to the leak was a good one, and I'm glad that's solved.
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2012 - 08/07/12 11:34 PM

I'm hoping that preview was one of those deliberately misleading ones that TBS likes to throw at you.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Television 2012 - 08/13/12 05:48 PM

Tonight is The Closer finale. I miss Brenda Leigh already! The promo that shows Brenda leaving in the elevator while part of her squad watches her go...every face shows a look of regret. I hope I'm misinterpreting that.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 08/13/12 06:56 PM

I hope so too. I want to see her go out with a bang, not a whimper.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Television 2012 - 08/14/12 12:57 PM

It was sort of a bang AND a whimper. In the very last episode, she did something she'd never done before (attack a suspect). It looked as if she'd lost it, took the bait...but she got what she wanted (Stroh's DNA). She literally gave up her job to nail a killer. If that isn't a heroic act, I'd like to know what is.
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2012 - 08/14/12 04:26 PM

She could have stayed on the job if she'd accepted the reprimand. That was the excuse for her leaving, if not the real reason. Brenda Leigh knew her days in Major Crimes were numbered. The new Major Crimes has an edgier look to it, doesn't it? That's probably a good idea.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Television 2012 - 08/14/12 09:36 PM

And a prestigious new job just fell into her lap...she didn't even have to ask for it. Now Brenda is a bureau chief, and that's a promotion. I thought that was a little too pat, but she had to be going TO something and not just AWAY from something. And she took Gabriel with her, solving his problem as well.

The new show, Provenza and Flynn are being right bastards. They gave Brenda a hard time when she was new until they came to respect her. So probably that's what will happen again, but I think it's going to be a little harder this time.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Television 2012 - 08/17/12 12:28 PM

When the squad presented Brenda with a new purse at the end, she said, "Looks like love"...her last line in the show. Did you know it was also her first line in the show?

I guess the boy Rusty is there to give Raydor some family life. But she has grown children who visit, and there's the husband from whom she's been separated for 20 years. He should be good for a couple of episodes.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 08/18/12 05:33 PM

The purse the squad got for Brenda to replace the one she fired through to get Stroh -- it's not the same as the one she carried for seven years. That one was a black tote, a rectangle with handles. The new one had a front flap and a clasp. But of course she didn't say anything, because it was such a thoughtful gesture. Goodbye, Brenda, and thenk yew so much.

Maybe Rusty is meant to be a substitute for Joel (the cat) and Raydor is keeping him as a pet. So far I don't care much for either the role or the actor (irritating voice).
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Television 2012 - 08/29/12 12:00 PM

One thing was explained in this last episode that had bothered me, and that was the new regime making deals instead of going after confessions. Raydor said deals cut out the middleman. Instead of sending cases to court and letting 12 civilians decide innocence or guilt, deals sent the criminals straight to prison. That makes sense, in a cynical kind of way.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Television 2012 - 09/19/12 11:14 AM

Did anyone watch the two new shows, Mob Doctor and Revolution? The first might be good, once they get over showing how busy and caring and ethical she is. I don't know about the second.
Posted by: Pete

Re: Television 2012 - 09/19/12 01:20 PM

I just watched Revolution--post-apocolypse, supposedly 17 years or something. No one's clothing seems to have worn out, however, and most of the men still must have razor blades. My willing suspension of disbelief never appeared.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Television 2012 - 09/19/12 07:39 PM

Yeah, and it's the same old same-old. I've had enough of post-apocolypse stories to last me the rest of my life.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 09/20/12 12:34 AM

Post-apocolypse stories pretty much all follow the same pattern, survivors jockying for position in whatever hierarchy has developed, either with or without monsters/aliens/zombies. (Revolution is without, thank goodness.) The guys at the top are always the ones who have the guns, plus a seemingly inexhaustible supply of ammo. I did like Billy Burke's Uncle Miles; only he and Zak Orth (Aaron) seemed credible to me. None of the rest of the cast were strong enough to make their stereotypical characters into real individuals. On the whole, I agree with Austin; enough, already.

The first post-a stories came out during the cold war, and a lot of them featured a fanatical religious cult of some sort. They were either on top of the heap or a serious threat to those who were, but I guess people got tired of that for I haven't seen it for years.
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2012 - 09/21/12 03:48 PM

For once I think Survivor is justified in bringing back previous players for a second chance, this time three guys who were evacuated from their games for medical reasons. None was voted off, so now they can finish what they started (although one is in trouble already).
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Television 2012 - 09/21/12 06:47 PM

Rita, don't I remember you saying you were swearing off Survivor forever?
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2012 - 09/21/12 07:59 PM

Yes, I did. Twice. I may do it a third time.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Television 2012 - 09/22/12 12:48 PM

Ha! Me too, Rita. All three of the returnees are getting eyed with suspicion, but Michael's really asking for it. He didn't learn much his first time around.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Television 2012 - 09/25/12 11:35 AM

IMO, Survivor's longevity is due to the fact that we enjoy watching people dumber than we are. It makes us feel good.

Major Crimes is a lot darker than The Closer, isn't it? Very little of the whimsy of the first show. Good move, on the whole, since Sharon isn't going for any of the colorful eccentricities that were Brenda's trademark...THAT would be a mistake. Yet it's somehow not as engaging as The Closer.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 09/26/12 09:22 PM

Partly because the writers haven't given Mary O'Donnell anything to do. She was positively wimpy in this last episode. Rusty was shouting at her in her office, and she kept saying "Let me explain" but he kept on shouting and drowing her out until Provenza stepped in and put an end to it. It needed a strong male voice to set the kid straight. Personally, I was hoping Rusty would meet his father, take an instant liking to him, pack his bags, and leave the series forever.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Television 2012 - 09/27/12 01:59 PM

Originally Posted By: Austin
Ha! Me too, Rita. All three of the returnees are getting eyed with suspicion, but Michael's really asking for it. He didn't learn much his first time around.
Do you mean Russell?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Television 2012 - 09/27/12 07:57 PM

Gack, Russell, yes. He was the other Russell the first time Russell Gantz played. How could I forget that?

I didn't even know there was a player named Roxy until she was voted out. Flying under the radar sure didn't help her.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Television 2012 - 10/01/12 12:21 PM

Remember when Sunday was the night everyone watched Murder, She Wrote because nothing better was on? I am so glad that has changed! Last night, a new TAR, a new Good Wife, a new Dexter, and the first episode of the new Upstairs, Downstairs(which we recorded to watch later because I was all TV'd out by then). It was a good night.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Television 2012 - 10/01/12 06:24 PM

It was a welcome night, after a week of new shows that I won't be watching. I can't stand Dennis Quaid, but I do like Michael Chiklis so I gave Vegas a look. It will be my last look.

All the promos for TAR kept pushing the news that this year the prize would be TWO million dollars. But then it turns out only one of the teams will be eligible for that prize, the team that won the first leg. Sleazy.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 10/02/12 01:17 AM

Yes, that seemed rather underhanded to me, too. And I hope this bunch of racers settles down soon.

Tne new shows are disappointing, especially Elementary and Last Resort. I didn't even watch all of Made in Jersey, it's so cookie-cutter. I missed the premiere of 666 Park Avenue; did anyone watch that?

Dexter has become disturbing in its matter-of-factness. When the series first started, Dexter's victims were all men who had gotten away with murder. Now he doesn't even wait for the police to catch them. When he found the fingerprint on the direction signal handle, all he had to do was tell Deb and the guy would have been arrested and tried. But he kept it to himself, wanting to kill him. He's killing for his own satisfaction. How is this series going to end?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Television 2012 - 10/02/12 01:24 PM

Suicide, maybe?

Last Resort has potential, if you can accept the basic premise. Worth a second look, IMO.
Posted by: Pete

Re: Television 2012 - 10/03/12 11:33 AM

The new Upstairs, Downstairs was a repeat of the first two (of three) episodes, first broadcast last year. The second season will start in a couple of weeks, it's six episodes. Unfortunately, it didn't compete well with Downton Abbey, and the BBC has cancelled the series.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Television 2012 - 10/03/12 11:05 PM

Oh, wow, I'm really behind the times.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Television 2012 - 10/09/12 12:01 PM

Next week is the season finale of Major Crimes. That is one VERY short season. It's more like an audition.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Television 2012 - 10/09/12 01:30 PM

No danger of that. The show has the highest rating of cable shows and has been renewed for 15 episodes.
Posted by: Pete

Re: Television 2012 - 10/10/12 07:44 AM

Added to he final six Closer episodes, the 8 Major Crimes episodes make it makes a season, however.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Television 2012 - 10/11/12 08:49 PM

Oh, yes...that's right, together they would be a full season.

Has there ever been a Survivor tribe reduced to just two people before?
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2012 - 10/12/12 08:10 PM

I don't think so. One team got down to three members in the Australian game (remember Jerri?), but I think that was the smallest. A two-person team can't function, because there's no way they can vote each other out. So there'll be some reassigning going on in the next episode.

Did anyone watch the first episode of the Beauty and the Beast remake? I thought it was pretty lame.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 10/13/12 12:55 AM

So did I. When Vincent saved Catherine's life three times in the first 35 minutes, that's when I bailed.
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2012 - 10/19/12 09:07 PM

Forbes has released its list of the highest paid actors on TV. These figures are for earnings in 2011 and are not for salaries alone; they include endorsements and any side businesses the actors might have.

1. Ashton Kutcher, $24 million
2. Hugh Laurie, $18 million
2. Ray Romano, $18 million
4. Alec Baldwin, $15 million
4. Mark Harmon, $15 million
6. Tim Allen, $14 million
7. Jon Cryer, $13 million
8. Patrick Dempsey, $12 million
9. Jim Parsons, $8 million
9. Johnny Galecki, $8 million
9. Jason Segel, $8 million

1. Sofia Vergara, $19 million
2. Kim Kardashian, $18 million
3. Eva Longoria, $15 million
4. Bethenny Frankel, $12 million
5. Khloe Kardashian, $11 million
5. Tina Fey, $11 million
7. Mariska Hargitay, $10 million
8. Zooey Deschanel, $9 million
8. Felicity Huffman, $9 million
8. Ellen Pompeo, $9 million
11. Kate Walsh, $8 million
11. Teri Hatcher, $8 million
11. Marcia Cross, $8 million
11. Kaley Cuoco, $8 million
15. Alyson Hannigan, $7 million
15. Marg Helgenberger, $7 million
17. Melissa McCarthy, $6 million
17. Julianna Marguiles, $6 million
17. Kyra Sedgwick, $6 million
20. Courteney Cox, $5 million
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 10/19/12 11:56 PM

Wow. I don't even know who half of those people are!
Posted by: Kay

Re: Television 2012 - 10/20/12 12:50 AM

These are the ones whose names I recognize: Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tim Allen, Patrick Dempsey, Kim Kardashian, Mariska Hargitay, Teri Hatcher, Kyra Sedgwick, Courteney Cox.

Hargitay is the daughter of Jayne Mansfield, Allen and Baldwin have been around for a while, Dempsey has done some good movies and TV work, Hatcher I know best from "Lois and Clark" although she's done more stuff since, Fey of course fron SNL and the Palin impersonations. Recognizing the names doesn't mean I'd recognize the faces, although I've seen Baldwin on a bunch of commercials lately. Thank god he isn't promoting viagra...
Posted by: Andrew

Re: Television 2012 - 10/20/12 05:11 AM

Well, here are the ones I recognise: Ashton Kutcher, Hugh Laurie, Alec Baldwin, Johnny Galecki; Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Tina Fey, Felicity Huffman, Teri Hatcher, Courteney Cox. And I don't watch much TV.
Posted by: Pete

Re: Television 2012 - 10/20/12 10:15 AM

The highest-paid women are paid for being famous, I think. Tina Fey, however, is about as talented as one can get, and deserves every dollar she makes from 30 Rock. I remember Cuoco from Charmed reruns (she was a regular in the last season), and, of course, her current long-run comedy show. Alyson Hannigan was on Buffy and is in another long-running comedy show. Juliana Margulies was regular for years in ER, and has one of the best current shows, The Good Wife. Kyria Sedgwick may not stay in the list, as she shut down The Closer.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Television 2012 - 10/20/12 01:11 PM

Alyson Hannigan in Buffy quickly developed a cult following, although I could never see why. Willow and Spike both went from supporting characters to co-stars, but it's still hard to believe she's a bigger earner than Sedgwick and Margulies.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 10/20/12 08:48 PM

I never understood the fascination with Willow either. She was given a lot of funny lines, but the character and the actor were just too coy for my tastes. But Hannigan's the only one of the Buffy cast to make it Big Time. Spike was my favorite character, but James Marsters's career pretty much tanked once the series ended. He's made a comeback of sorts, in a number of guest shots on TV series and the lead in an unreleased fantasy movie called Dragon Warrior. Sarah Michelle Geller's last short-lived series proved she still hasn't learned how to act. Emma Caulfield was wonderful as Anya, but she too went the guest-star route like everybody else. She has roles in two movies now in post-production; maybe one of them will be her breakthrough. I also liked Giles, except when he was singing. For Anthony Head, there has been life after Buffy; but even though he's had little idle time, he's not broken through to the stellar reaches yet. Example: he auditioned to play Doctor Who but didn't get the role.

But none of these people have earned anything like the $7 million Alyson Hannigan collected last year. Like her or not, she is the Buffy alum who has emerged as The Star.
Posted by: Pete

Re: Television 2012 - 10/21/12 09:47 AM

It appears that long running shows eventually can run stars' salaries up. Neither Cuoco nor Hannigan carry their shows, however, and I am somewhat amazed at the amounts they make. Marg Helgenbereger spent years on CSI, although she has now left it. I don't understand Ashton Kutcher, however.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Television 2012 - 10/21/12 02:20 PM

Yeah, Kutcher makes no sense. You'd think they wouldn't have to pay anyone that much to replace Charlie Sheen.

Pete, have you watched How I Met Your Mother? I haven't. You say Hannigan doesn't carry her show, but no one else in the cast made the Forbes list. Is it just her cult following that makes her the highest paid member of the show?
Posted by: Pete

Re: Television 2012 - 10/22/12 10:37 AM

I don't watch How I Met Your Mother that regularly. I don't really understand Hannigan's income, I fear. Obviously, there's something there of which I am not aware. The same is true of The Big Bang Theory and Cuoco. I would have figured Jim Parsons carried that show.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 11/03/12 01:45 AM

This week I watched How I Met Your Mother for the first time, and Alyson Hannigan was barely there. She was just part of the background the leads played against, and she had only five or six lines -- one of which was "Oh!" For this she's paid $7 million? Nice work if you can get it.
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2012 - 11/04/12 12:45 PM

That's her total earnings, though, not just her salary for that one show. She's been in a couple of movies recently, and maybe she's into other things as well. Did you know she was in three episodes of Veronica Mars? I don't remember her in that at all.
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2012 - 11/11/12 06:52 PM

Is Sharon Gless leaving Burn Notice? That 2-hour episode surely did look like a farewell, especially with her last advice to Michael to make a fresh start. And the torching of Michael and Fiona's loft...that was a farewell too.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 11/12/12 02:28 AM

I couldn't find anything on the web that said she was leaving, but that seemed like an exit episode to me too. The burning of the loft made no sense; the point of it was to convince Card that Michael was dead -- and he was convinced, for about five minutes of screen time before Michael put a bullet in his head. It looked like burning bridges as well as the loft. And why kill off Gray? He was an interesting character, and that scene he played with Maddie in their first and only face-to-face was strong stuff. That was good television, but it was still another exit. And Michael's going to be a hunted man again; maybe he won't be able to get out of this one.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Television 2012 - 11/12/12 03:51 PM

Nobody ever told Maddie that it was Nate's own stupid fault that he got killed. If he'd followed instructions and done what Michael told him to do, he'd never have been in danger.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Television 2012 - 11/12/12 08:13 PM

Burn Notice has had its problems with the city of Miami. The show leased an abandoned community center and turned it into a sound stage, and all its permanent sets are there. Miami's city commissioners saw a way to squeeze more money out of the show and announced the community center would be razed and a park would take its place. This meant demolishing the show's sound stage and forcing a moving of the sets, etc. elsewhere. This started about five years ago, and each time the commissioners agreed to delay their demolition in exchange for a hefty increase in rent. That happened again this year, with the new rent now supposedly at $80,000 a month for a building that was doing nothing but gathering dust until Burn Notice came along. (That's just an estimate and the real figure may not be that high.)

So Maddie's exit and the burning of the loft may be preparation for a move to a different city. However (and it's a big "however"), Jeffrey Donovan says he thinks this seventh season will be the last. So maybe they're just winding things down and calling it a day. That's a shame for a show that's still drawing as many viewers as The Good Wife.
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2012 - 11/12/12 11:09 PM

Those commissioners must have holes in their heads. They should be doing everything they can think of to keep the show and all the business it generates there. And it's great PR for the city...the only TV show shot in Miami. Dexter and CSI: Miami are both shot in California.

Speaking of, what a dilemma for Dexter! How is he ever going to get out of this new hot spot?
Posted by: Jon

Re: Television 2012 - 11/15/12 01:21 PM

Branching off slightly from that last comment: I occasionally try to keep track of which US TV shows are shot where -- that is, which ones aren't done in California. I can think of the following.

Miami: Burn Notice
New York: The Good Wife, 30 Rock, 666 Park Avenue, Louie, Royal Pains, Smash
Vancouver: Fringe, Psych, probably more
Honolulu: Hawaii 5-0

I'm sure that's only a start. Still, these are the exceptions.
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2012 - 11/18/12 08:25 AM

The Good Wife...New York pretending to be Chicago? That's unusual.
Posted by: Jon

Re: Television 2012 - 11/23/12 12:03 PM

It is, isn't it? We have LA or Toronto or Vancouver as New York all the time, but usually if they film in NYC it's because the story is set there. But assuming that the series creators thought this story had to be set in Chicago, it would have been a nightmare. Chicago has a wonderful local theater scene of course, so actors are available. But few big names will relocate there for most of a year, at least not the ones The Good Wife has.

As a longtime Chicagoan, I remember that occasionally a series would film there (there was once a Chicago film industry -- my father was a director there), and it always got tons of local publicity, and it would never last long.

However! I discover to my chagrin that there have been THREE series filming around Chicago of late! Chicago Fire, Mob Doctor, and (just cancelled) Boss.

In the past, they've had Chicago Story, What about Joan?, Lady Blue, The Chicago Code, and Early Edition. Among, I know, many others.
Posted by: Rita

Re: Television 2012 - 12/17/12 05:22 PM

I can't believe it...the right person won Survivor, the second time in a row! Wow. I'm wondering if the other players just got as tired as I did of Lisa Whelchel's poor-little-me act ("This game is just too big for me...").
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Television 2012 - 12/18/12 09:16 AM

Malcolm was really pissed at Denise for voting him out of the final three, like it was some big betrayal. He conveniently ignored the fact that HE voted for HER. Her vote was betrayal while his was just strategy? Get out. I'm glad Denise won.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Television 2012 - 12/19/12 04:31 PM

Do you think Penner's outing of Lisa cost her some votes? He was out for vengence, all right. Michael Skupin -- everyone remembers the moment in the Australian game when he fell face first into the fire. That was horrible, layers of skin falling off his face while he kept saying "I'll be back! I'll be back!" as he was being evacuated. But does anyone remember what he did right before that happened? He killed a boar. Sure, they were hungry, but they weren't starving. That wasn't the reason; he killed that animal to prove himself to the other players, to show he was a Mighty Hunter, a man among men, and so on. He not only admitted it, he bragged about it. We saw some of that attitude in the current game, when he was pondering going up against Malcolm in the final three so he could defeat him "one-on-one, man-to-man." Skupin wanted to be an alpha male so badly that I almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

But the only vote he got, ironically, was the one Malcolm gave him. And Lisa's only vote came from that giggly girl whose name I've already forgotten. All the rest of the jury voted for Denise, and that makes two pretty good games in a row.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Television 2012 - 12/20/12 11:48 AM

It wasn't all that long ago I was thinking Survivor was on its last legs. They had to recruit people to play, and when they couldn't get enough new players they filled in with previous players. Unfortunately, some of the recruited players were just lowlife, pardon my bluntness. Earlier challenges were repeated, making it look as if they were running out of ideas. But then came the resurgence of the last two games, and it looks as if Survivor has survived after all. And I'm rather glad. It was the original reality show, after all.
Posted by: Andrew

Re: Television 2012 - 12/20/12 12:06 PM

Hmm - I rather thought that the original "reality" show was Big Brother.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Television 2012 - 12/20/12 05:28 PM

Yes, I should have said in the US. The American version of Big Brother first appeared the year after Survivor made its debut.