Downton Abbey

Posted by: Kay

Downton Abbey - 01/06/13 08:42 PM

So am I the only one who is hooked on this goofy Brit soap opera? The new season starts in minutes, with Maggie Smith taking on Shirley McClaine as Maggie's son's American mother-in-law. Currently they're showing, as a lead in, a MARVELOUS thing on Caernavon Castle, which "plays" Downton Abbey...was the home of Lord C of King Tut fame, y'know...
Posted by: David Dvorkin

Re: Downton Abbey - 01/07/13 06:06 PM

You're not the only one.
Posted by: Andrew

Re: Downton Abbey - 01/07/13 07:09 PM

I'm certainly not watching it. And Highclere Castle is neither an Abbey nor a Castle.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Downton Abbey - 01/08/13 12:32 AM

Uh-oh. Another made-for-the-colonies series?
Posted by: Pete

Re: Downton Abbey - 01/08/13 09:00 AM

I figure those English manor names are just affectations, anyway. This is fiction. Blenheim Palace isn't a palace, Highclere isn't a castle, Downton isn't an abbey. Some of the truly old houses may have been built on the site of something else, which may have been how Downton got its (fictional) name.

Downton Abbey seems to have been made for the British market; this series was broadcast by one of the British networks last year. If it had been made for the US, someone other than PBS would have broadcast it.

I have read a [SPOILER] article that said that Matthew will not come back for the fourth season.
Posted by: Kay

Re: Downton Abbey - 01/08/13 01:04 PM

Originally Posted By: Barbara
Uh-oh. Another made-for-the-colonies series?

Nope, this one was originally made for the Brits and they are as hooked as we are. Who do you think posted the spoilers (they get it before we do).
Posted by: Kay

Re: Downton Abbey - 01/08/13 01:07 PM

Oh and thanks for the spoiler, Pete. As it happens I read it also quite by accident. frown
Posted by: Kay

Re: Downton Abbey - 01/08/13 01:10 PM

Biggest problem...too much "soap" and now enough of Maggie and Shirley.