Not-so-current movies 2

Posted by: Barbara

Not-so-current movies 2 - 02/01/13 12:23 AM

I just chanced upon a old movie I hadn't seen since I was a child, The Adventures of Don Juan, and what fun it was! I especially enjoyed Hollywood's idea of 16th-century Spanish pageantry, plus a fencing exhibition in addition to the usual sword fights, and the cleanest dungeon I've ever seen in a movie. And while I didn't appreciate it as a youngster, I have to say Errol Flynn looked mighty good in tights. Ha!
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Not-so-current movies 2 - 02/05/13 03:43 PM

Oh, I watched that, on AMC! It wasn't played as camp, but there was more than a touch of self-parody in Errol Flynn's performance. I liked it too. grin
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Not-so-current movies 2 - 04/09/13 07:24 PM

A few days ago I watched Compulsion again, the fictionalized story of Leopold and Loeb. And I wondered (again) why so much fuss has been made over this movie. Subject matter, maybe, but it's not really a very good movie. It picks up some when Orson Welles appears on the scene, but that's not until the second half of the film. I would love to have seen Roddy MacDowall playing Artie (he created the role on Broadway), but for some reason he wasn't cast in the movie while his co-star (Dean Stockwell) was. Stockwell has said the movie is a watered-down version of the play. I've never met anyone who actually saw the play.