New news about old books

Posted by: Barbara

New news about old books - 03/17/16 06:43 PM

Otto Penzler's Mysterious Press has just come out with ebooks of all my mystery novels except one (Kill Fee). They're available for download from lots of places, all listed here: Barbara Paul Mysteries .

Kill Fee is not included in that group because Dover Publications got there first. Dover will be publishing it in both print and ebook formats this summer, late July/early August.

Otto has also bought a story of mine ("Jack Be Quick") for inclusion in one of those mammoth anthologies he likes to edit, this one a collection of fact and fiction about Jack the Ripper. I don't know when that will be available.

Posted by: Rita

Re: New news about old books - 03/18/16 05:42 PM

Oh wow, Barbara, that's great! Er, you wrote a book called Fare Play...I missed that!
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: New news about old books - 03/18/16 09:13 PM

So did I! I don't know how that happened. I don't like my Kindle, but for this I'll make an exception. Going to download now.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: New news about old books - 03/19/16 04:17 PM

This IS good news. I was wondering why your mysteries were not available as ebooks. I don't like the Kindle either, but I'll dust mine off and try again.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: New news about old books - 03/20/16 05:05 PM

Hooray, hooray! That's an impressive web page, with all those similar-but-different book covers. And it's about time, I'd say!
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: New news about old books - 07/19/16 12:54 PM

I should have posted this before the crash. I did d/l Fare Play...what an intricate, complex story! And the detail work -- Barbara, how in the world did you keep track of it all? Marian is a great series character, and I was most interested in following the fate of the character named Austin. grin Ivan's wedding was hilarious, just what was needed to relieve the darkness of the main plot. Thanks for a great read.
Posted by: Rita

Re: New news about old books - 07/19/16 04:55 PM

I too downloaded it, but I didn't finish reading it...I couldn't. The damned Kindle kept skipping two or three pages every time I touched the screen, and I used a light touch. It's hard to maintain the continuity when that keeps happening. I need a print copy. Thanks for the reminder, Austin.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: New news about old books - 08/06/16 07:03 PM

The Dover reprint of Kill Fee is available now...with a rather odd blood-splatter cover. My killer is much neater than that.
Posted by: Jon

Re: New news about old books - 10/04/16 10:48 AM

This is fantastic news! I'm pretty sure I own all the books already, but I'll be supportive and get these too.

I've never acquired an actual Kindle -- I use the Kindle app on my laptop (and occasionally my phone), and it works fine for me.