A Career in Crime (again)

Posted by: Anonymous

A Career in Crime (again) - 07/08/99 04:40 PM

I've acquired my copy of this now, and am reading it during my coffee-breaks at work, starting at the beginning and going on till I get to the end, as one should with a book written by mystery writer(s). That means I should reach Barbara's piece (the last one) by the end of next week ...

(I don't feel that I am quite the target audience for this book, but it's nevertheless a good read as far as I've got.)
Posted by: Barbara

Re: A Career in Crime (again) - 07/08/99 09:08 PM

It's not actually meant as a how-to manual; the target audience is supposedly people who are just curious about how different mystery writers work -- a rather small target, I would have thought.

But at the rate you're going, Andrew, you'll be finished with it before I am.