Posted by: Barbara

MURDER: C.O.D. - 08/01/99 06:48 PM

It was on again last night, on Court-TV. I watched about twenty minutes. It hasn't improved.

NBC sold it to USA, who's now passed it on again. I guess the shopping channels are next.
Posted by: Jon

Re: MURDER: C.O.D. - 08/03/99 07:42 PM

Darn! Why didn't you warn us?! This may have been my last chance, unless F/X now gets a shot....
Posted by: Barbara

Re: MURDER: C.O.D. - 08/04/99 10:20 AM

I didn't know it was on, Jon. A friend called and told me after it had just started.
Posted by: Jon

Re: MURDER: C.O.D. - 08/04/99 04:56 PM

This is something that has yet to come in the world of web services: "Send me an e-mail notification when movie X is scheduled on any of the following cable channels."

I know I miss a lot of neat things on AMC, because TV Guide doesn't index them with the "movie" channels. And there are things on Bravo that I've been waiting for forever and nearly missed were it not for a friend's warning (the Olivier Beggar's Opera; that strange flashback-laden 1970 David Copperfield...).
Posted by: Barbara

Re: MURDER: C.O.D. - 08/04/99 11:50 PM

Irritating, isn't it? I know I miss most of the good things on Bravo simply because I don't when they're showing. And The Mystery Channel seems to show its best movies either in the wee hours or late afternoon, times I don't normally have the TV on.

It really annoys me that there's no print schedule available for everything that's shown.