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Posted by: Barbara

new story - 08/05/99 11:31 AM

I have a new story out, called "Clean Sweep". It's in a paperback titled A New York State of Crime; and if you'd like to read a little something about it, click here.

B7 people -- it's a Curt Holland story.

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Posted by: Julia

Re: new story - 08/05/99 02:37 PM

Promptly forwarded to the Lyst and Freedom City:-)

Decisions, decisions - do I exercise patience and wait until my next trip to the US, or do I use Amazon?

Barbara, that link took me to the top of the Holland and Avon page, not to the Clean Sweep section. Haven't looked at the source HTML yet, but it might be worth checking it.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: new story - 08/05/99 08:53 PM

Julia, the link's okay; it takes you to the top of the page while the rest of the stuff is loading and then whisks you to "Clean Sweep" -- the last item on the page. Patience, patience!  

Bring me up to date? Freedom City is Space City revived but under new management? And the Lyst is Lysator -- yeah, it's gotta be. I've kind of been out of touch since everyone left Genie.
Posted by: Julia

Re: new story - 08/06/99 01:47 AM

I tried waiting until the page loaded:-) May well be a glitch on my browser, though.

Susan Beth burned out about a week ago - Space City has just (about 24 hours ago) moved to a new location, with a new listmistress, and a new name. The new subscription details will doubtless go up on Judith Proctor's webpage when Judith gets back from holiday this weekend. Same old bunch, though.
Posted by: Julia

Re: new story - 08/06/99 01:50 AM

And I just tried the link - it works for me now. The difference seems to be that it *was* very slow loading yesterday - it took a couple of minutes - so I may have knocked the keyboard while waiting, or there was a timeout, or something. This morning it took about a second. This is probably because most Americans are tucked up in bed at the moment:-)
Posted by: Barbara

Re: new story - 08/06/99 09:31 AM

Heh; could be. Anyway, I'm glad all is well.

"Clean Sweep" has already brought me one Worthy Cause solicitation. Writers get a lot of requests for donated autographed books from schools, libraries, etc. that are holding auctions to raise funds. This one came from a group called the Disciples of Trinity, in Dallas. It's a charitable organization for helping the terminally ill. Can't say no to that.