Opera mysteries

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Opera mysteries - 10/27/99 02:27 PM

I so enjoyed the opera mysteries; especially
Prima Donna at Large. I have a couple of questions. Why is the page missing when I click on Portrait of the Artist...? Also. what is the bar of music at the beginning of the chapters in A Chorus of Detectives?
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Re: Opera mysteries - 10/27/99 05:09 PM

In answer to the first question - it looks as if Barbara missed the link from the Opera Mysteries page to this short story when she divided the Short Stories page into two. The correct URL is http://www.barbarapaul.com/shortmys2.html#portrait , and this also ought to be pointed to (and currently isn't correctly) from the list at the top of Short Stories p.1 .
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Re: Opera mysteries - 10/28/99 10:35 AM

Yep, that's what happened. The link has been corrected in the file on my hard disk, and I'll upload it when/if I ever get my FTP back.

As to the music at the head of the chapters in A Chorus of Detectives -- I have no idea what that is. I doubt that anyone at the publisher or the printer knows either; it's just an ornamental slug that the book's designer thought would look nice there. It doesn't even have a clef sign, but it must be treble clef.

You know, seacliff, I never even wondered about it until you asked the question. Ha.
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Re: Opera mysteries - 11/03/99 01:36 PM

Barbara and Andrew, thank you for your answers to my questions. I didn't even know that "Portrait" was a short story. No wonder I couldn"t find the book! And I guess that my friends and I were chasing the wild goose with that bar of music.
Barbara, will you ever write another opera
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Re: Opera mysteries - 11/03/99 02:23 PM

Would it help if a bunch of us chanted "Op-er-ah! Op-er-ah!"?
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Re: Opera mysteries - 11/03/99 05:19 PM

Just to say to seacliff (any relation to heathcliff?) that there has been some discussion in these parts of Barbara's book of short stories Jack be Quick, in which "Portrait" appears. Recommended by one and all!

To read what we said, choose "Topics from the last year" in the pull-down menu above the list of topics in the "Barbara Paul's books and stories" forum, then click "Go". The topics are called "Jack" and "Jack Attack".

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Re: Opera mysteries - 11/03/99 05:47 PM

Seacliff, I regret to say it's highly unlikely there'll be any more opera books (although I'll probably slip in another short story or two). The reason is the research; I loved doing it, but it was so time-consuming that it began to interfere with that little thing called "Earning a Living".

At one time I was thinking of three more, with a new set of singers, with the last book set in 1935. That's the year that Gatti-Casazza retired as General Manager of the Met -- the one continuing character in all the books. That seemed like a good stopping place. But as much as I'd like to do it, I just don't see it in the works. Dang.