Book talk for a New Year

Posted by: Kay

Book talk for a New Year - 01/11/00 10:19 PM

This topic looks so forlorn with no posts since before Pearl Harbor day.

Not that I've read anything of Barbara's since then....I finished Soprano at Large over Thanksgiving and left it with my cousin-in-law, whose name happens to be Geraldine. I always thought she was named for her father, but one time she mentioned that her mother had named her for Ferrar.....I haven't heard if she's read the book, though.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Book talk for a New Year - 01/12/00 09:29 AM

Was her mother a Gerryflapper? (Ahem, Prima Donna at Large.)
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Re: Book talk for a New Year - 01/12/00 09:49 AM

I knew that title didn't sound right! But, as I said, I didn't have the book at hand. If Aunt Dora was a Gerrie-flapper, I never knew about it and only found out about the name recently, long after she had died.

Given that she lived her entire life in Little Rock, AR, I think she could only have been a Gerrie-flapper in sympathy. In fact during that era I can't imagine how she could even had heard Ferrar sing, except on recordings. (Jerry was born in 1922.)

When I asked Jerry about it, she just said her mother really admired the singer.

Now, I guess we could talk about another of Barbara's books, The Emperor Sauerbraten.
Posted by: David Dvorkin

Re: Book talk for a New Year - 02/01/00 05:51 PM

Barbara, what's going on with I tried to read your column there, and it looks like they've redone the site and no longer cover written mysteries.

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Re: Book talk for a New Year - 02/01/00 07:34 PM

The mother being a Farrar fan and naming her daughter thereby sounds genuine and touching.

But it's amazing how many queries there have been on OPERA-L over the years that involve a wildly inflationary memory. Someone will ask "My neighbor's great-aunt used to be a major singer at the Met; can anybody look her up in the Annals and tell me more to tell my friend? She used the name XX YY." And nobody will find the name, and the original poster will ask other members of the family, and it will turn out that the grant-aunt sang leads with a small company in the NY area, or was in the chorus at the Met, or sang solos in church and at town meetings. But after a couple of generations it always turns into "a star at the Met."

I'll have to think up a topic for a new Paul discussion thread.
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Re: Book talk for a New Year - 02/01/00 10:58 PM

David, Ed Gorman told me the people behind (EQ, AH, Mystery Scene) were unhappy with the results of the old set-up; they weren't getting many hits, and there was a problem with the webmaster (a pleasant guy, but his work was sloppy). So they decided to revamp the whole thing and go with excerpts from the three magazines as teasers; no more original stuff written just for the site.

But it looks as if Mystery Scene is breaking away from the other two. EQ and AH have hired some web design outfit, and I think what's up now is only the beginning of the revamped site -- the links don't work yet, the graphics don't load. When they've finished, I'm sure that link to "An important message from Mystery Scene" will tell us where they've gone. I'll be interested in reading that myself.

And you've just reminded me that I need to remove the column link from my page.