A Chorus of Detectives

Posted by: Kay

A Chorus of Detectives - 02/08/00 12:20 AM

I just got out of bed, where I was reading, because I couldn't wait to post this.

The book is "A Chorus of Detectives," which I had somehow missed.....

And right there on page 7, I read, " ...Maria Jeritza, the Viennese soprano..."

Interesting only in light of a recent discussion over in MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC

Didn't Reader's Digest used to have a category called "Our Forgetful Authors?"

Posted by: Barbara

Re: A Chorus of Detectives - 02/08/00 09:17 PM

(I originally posted this in the wrong forum.)

Ha. Oh my. Well, if even the great Homer nods, I guess you have to expect the rest of us to snore away once in a while.

Kay, I don't even remember mentioning Jeritza in that book at all. It completely slipped my mind.
Posted by: Kay

Re: A Chorus of Detectives - 02/08/00 09:19 PM

Well, I cross posted it to Music, because I wasn't really sure where it belonged.

You had mentioned Ferrar's catty comment over there and I was expecting to see it in the book as I went along.....guess not.