"Golden Retriever"

Posted by: Barbara

"Golden Retriever" - 10/01/01 03:46 PM

I just received my courtesy copies of the December issue of Ellery Queen. That's the issue that has "Golden Retriever" -- which I'm now thinking I should have subtitled "Or, The Return of the Reluctant Op", ha. I don't know whether it's available in stores yet; haven't had a chance to check.
Posted by: Julia

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/06/01 03:44 PM

Glad to hear it. And at least now I'm living in the US, I have a chance to get my mitts on a copy
Posted by: Lorna

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/07/01 08:55 AM

It's not on the stands yet here. But we always seem to be a little late getting new magazine issues.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/07/01 11:05 AM

EQ's web page is still featuring the November issue, so I guess December isn't officially out yet. Wouldn't it be nice if magazines were actually published on the dates that appear on the covers?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/07/01 02:10 PM

Why is that? Why do magazines go on sale months before their cover date?
Posted by: Scribbler

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/07/01 02:52 PM

Ah! The history of periodical publishing.

The practice goes back to the early days of news stand distribution. And probably greatly influenced by the daily newspapers.

The news stand operators would let a publication stay on the stand up to the end of the date on the cover. So, of course, the dailies were cleared off the stand at the end of the day.

Publishers of monthly titles wanted to have their magazines on the stand as long as possible. So they would put a month "date" on the magazine that was actually 1 or 2 months after the publication date. That meant that something labled "November" that came out sometime in September would have at the very least 4 full weeks on the stand, and possibly 7 or 8.

It's all about sales.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/07/01 10:09 PM

Jim Huang is trying to buck the custom and publish Drood Review the month listed on the cover. So far it's been hit-and-miss, but at least he's trying.

Incidentally, I sent "Golden Retriever" to EQ twenty months ago. I'm used to waiting a year to see a story in print, but now it's inching up on two years.
Posted by: Julia

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/07/01 11:20 PM

It could be worse. I submitted a story to Circlet Press in April 1999. The only response I've had was "yes" in response to a "Did you receive it" email...
Posted by: Rita

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/07/01 11:31 PM

Why does it take so long?
Posted by: Barbara

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/08/01 09:13 AM

Well, in EQ's case, editor Janet Hutchings maintains a big inventory of stories; she always has enough on hand for two years' worth of issues. I suspect it's the same elsewhere -- too many writers, not enough markets.

Julia, you must have set some kind of record for waiting to hear back from a publisher. I don't know Circlet Press, but I do hope you've submitted your story elsewhere.
Posted by: Julia

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/08/01 09:19 PM

Circlet says right there on the website that the editor takes 12-18 months to make a decision, so I knew that when I submitted it. I think the problem is that the anthology I submitted it to has been delayed a couple of times, possibly owing to Circlet only publishing the next one when they've sold enough of the last one to cover costs

There aren't that many places I *can* submit it to. Not many editors are interested in 12000 words of homoerotic SF...
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/09/01 10:19 PM

Ho ho! The Reluctant Op returns! Good. I just found this topic, and I'll go out tomorrow to see if the Dec. issue is available yet. Gotta see what Callie gets herself into this time.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/10/01 10:46 PM

Not available yet, dern.
Posted by: Julia

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/11/01 01:48 AM

Nor here - the November issue is still out.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/12/01 05:30 PM

I called a few places today to see when the December issue was expected. A Borders said next week. Pitt Book Center said the first week of November. Barnes & Noble, as usual, didn't have a clue. (And I think the first two were guessing.)

So all I can tell you now is: Not yet.
Posted by: Rita

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/13/01 12:55 PM

Oh, that sounds just like Barnes & Noble! Their ads slay me, the ones that say their "knowledgeable staff" will aid in the selection of books. Sometimes I think the B&N clerks haven't read a book since they left school.

And speaking of ads, I'm irritated no end by those TV commercials showing a number of happy people all saying how great it is to work for K-Mart. They're meant to divert attention from the fact that a number of female employees are suing K-Mart on the grounds of discrimination.

How's that for getting off-topic?
Posted by: Barbara

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/13/01 05:26 PM

K-Mart has been the target of employee lawsuits since the early 90s; that's when the CEO decided to change the company's "look". He decided to replace all the over-40 women with sweet young things, and the way the branch managers were instructed to go about it is especially disgusting. Women who'd consistently gotten performance ratings of "above average" and "outstanding" suddenly began getting "could do better" and "needs improvement". So when the branch managers fired them, they could point to the performance ratings and say "You've been slipping." The CEO referred to these women as "the old broads" and talked about their body parts in public.

In a different suit, one of the women had worked for K-Mart for 11 years without ever being promoted, in spite of being "Employee of the Month" seven times. Men with one or two years' experience -- some of whom she'd trained -- were promoted over her. And women who dare to lodge a complaint about this treatment are consistently demoted and then fired.

Oh yes, those commercials are very irritating.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/15/01 11:35 AM

Ohh. I was wondering why K-Mart was spending all that money to advertise themselves as a good employer. Now it makes sense. What a nasty business.

A local bookseller says EQ usually arrives the last week of the month two months before the cover date. So the December issue should be arriving around Oct. 29th at the earliest.
Posted by: Scribbler

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/15/01 04:25 PM

K-Mart is doing ads like that?

Wonder if it is local. The ads I've seen with employees extolling the wonderfulness of working for their employer have been for *Wal-Mart*.... not K-Mart.

There is a difference.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 10/16/01 11:05 AM

Wal-Mart also has a number of employee discrimination suits pending, so it looks as if they're both doing love-me campaigns.
Posted by: Jon

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/01/01 04:02 PM

Has the issue shown up on newsstands yet?
Posted by: Barbara

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/01/01 06:13 PM

Oops, I forgot to check again. I'll find out tomorrow.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/03/01 04:21 PM

Yes, it's on the stands now.
Posted by: Jon

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/05/01 10:45 PM

And I picked it up today (the last copy our Borders had left).

Liked it a whole lot. The end left me with a feeling oddly reminscent of Your Eyelids Are Growing Heavy (in a good way), but I won't say more lest I spoil other readers' discovery of it.

Will we be getting more stories of the Reluctant Op? I find myself wanting to know how things develop for her.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/06/01 05:58 PM

It does exist -- I got a copy this afternoon and will read the story tonight.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/07/01 08:32 PM

Ah, great fun, Barbara. It's as much an adventure story as it is a mystery, isn't it? So was the first one, come to think of it.

Callie seems to be adjusting to her situation, but I'm happy to see her fingers are still a little bit sticky. I'd hate to see her get religion.
Posted by: Julia

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/07/01 09:18 PM

Got my copy today, but I'll have to wait until after the weekend to read it - I'm packing for Eclecticon tonight.
Posted by: Kay

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/08/01 02:19 PM

Picked it up at B&N this morning. I'd about given up finding it in the incredible rows of periodicals they carry - I had no idea there were magazines about some of those things! - when I saw it, about three copies, kind of stuck in with something totally unrelated.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/08/01 10:39 PM

What a strange relationship with Jimmy Kwan. Yet Callie is all too aware of the difference between his MO and the agency's -- and this is turning into a spoiler. I'd better quit.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/16/01 01:29 PM

A little late, but...Chris, don't worry that Callie will turn into A Model Citizen. She wouldn't know how.

Jon, I dug out a copy of Liars and looked at the ending, but I didn't see the connection. What struck you as similar?
Posted by: Rita

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/24/01 04:30 PM

Well, I FINALLY got a copy, just this afternoon. Newsstands here order only two or three copies, and if you're not there on the right day -- tough luck!
Posted by: Jon

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/25/01 08:47 AM

Eyelids, not Liars. All I meant was that the last page or so set up scenarios for future possibilities. Sort of like a TV pilot episode, at the end of which we can see how this situation is going to give us a story every week. (I still think Eyelids would make a terrific 2-hour movie-of-the-week -- suspenseful and humorous but not bloody -- after which all our protagonists are poised for new jobs which will afford them Wacky Adventures together.)

Somehow I got this feeling much more here than in the first Reluctant Op, which felt like more of a stand-alone. Purely a personal reaction and maybe nobody else shares it.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/25/01 10:26 AM

Arrgh, I meant Eyelids, protagonist moving into new digs, everyone moving on, etc. Yes, I see what you mean, now. I did mean for "Reluctant Op" to be cliff-hangerish, though, with Callie's admitting that Sam Bass had got the better of her...this time. Maybe it could have used a little more.

Yes, Eyelids would work as a TV movie pretty well, I think. Even better would be But He Was Already Dead When I Got There. Light and humorous.
Posted by: Rita

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/27/01 11:33 PM

Oh, good story, Barbara. That is a strange relationship between Callie and Jimmy. There's obviously a bond between them, in spite of Callie's fear of the man. I'm sure we'll see more of Jimmy, but will we ever see Sam Bass?

Is Callie going to have a different parole officer each time?
Posted by: Barbara

Re: "Golden Retriever" - 11/28/01 09:16 AM

Sam Bass...he's going to stay in the background. Just a controlling presence that Callie can't quite get at.

Different parole officers, yes. They're there to help remind readers that Callie is not exactly an upstanding citizen, but I don't want another continuing character. In fact, Callie's checking in could get mechanical, so maybe I'll have the next one show up at the Bass Agency to see if Callie really is employed there -- as a mail clerk. That might be fun.