Posted by: Barbara

ING LEAR - 01/26/02 10:03 AM

I just added a new link to my King Lear page, but MSIE displays the title with the initial K missing. (It's as it should be in Netscape.) Would someone using MSIE please check the page for me and let me know what you see? TIA.
Posted by: Kay

Re: ING LEAR - 01/26/02 10:33 AM

I am using Kathryn's MSIE 5.0 and I am seeing "King"...
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: ING LEAR - 01/26/02 12:04 PM

I have MSIE 2.0 (but don't use it much). The K is there all right.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: ING LEAR - 01/26/02 12:41 PM

Then it's my browser that's not reading it right. I wonder what could be causing that.

Thanks for checking, Kay and Andrew.
Posted by: David Dvorkin

Re: ING LEAR - 01/27/02 02:34 PM

Looks fine in Opera, too. And I don't see anything wrong in the HTML.