Your Eyelids Are Growing Heavy

Posted by: Jon

Your Eyelids Are Growing Heavy - 04/27/02 11:03 AM

Having just referred to this nifty tale in the Amazing Race thread, I picked up my copy and started looking at it again.

I guess I'd never really examined the cover of my IPL paperback closely before. Here's this sultry dark-haired dame holding a gun (OK, Megan does attempt to shoot someone in the book though she can't go through with it). But even more confusingly, here's the descriptive sentence printed next to her face: "A lot of people think about murder. Only a few do anything about it."

HUH? This is one of the rare mysteries with no murder at all. Where'd this description come from? (If it turns out to be Barbara's idea, my face is certainly red; but I feel reasonably confident it's not.)

Still loving the book, on third reading.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Your Eyelids Are Growing Heavy - 04/28/02 11:25 AM

First I had to remember what IPL stood for. Then I had to find a copy...and by golly, that is a gun she's holding. I never looked that closely either.

No, the teaser wasn't my idea; that was Hugh Abramson, founder of the now-defunct International Polygonics. At least he got my name right in this one. In the other book of mine he reprinted (Liars and Tyrants), I was Babrbara Paul. (Fortunately, that was on the inside and not on the cover.) I kind of liked Hugh, in spite of the fact he was not cut out to be a publisher; he had this bad habit of going bankrupt at crucial moments. He made two strong attempts at reprinting my opera mysteries, and the second time even got A Cadenza for Caruso into print. But the copies were never shipped to the bookstores -- because Hugh couldn't pay his warehouse bill. I've always wondered what happened to those books.

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Posted by: Rita

Re: Your Eyelids Are Growing Heavy - 04/30/02 06:27 PM

Could they still be in the warehouse?
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Your Eyelids Are Growing Heavy - 04/30/02 09:20 PM

Oh, I'm sure they're gone by now; the space is too valuable. I was just wondering how they were destroyed. Shredding books to recycle the paper isn't cost-effective, and books are burned only as publicity stunts -- such as Jim Baen's public burning of those thousands of copies of Newt Gingrich's novel he couldn't sell. Caruso probably just went into the nearest dumpster.