The Perfect Marian

Posted by: Christopher

The Perfect Marian - 09/01/02 06:26 PM

I've got it! I've got her, rather...the perfect Marian. Are you ready? Minnie Driver.

She's still in her early thirties, but she can look older (and often does). She's certainly not beautiful; in fact, at times she can look, well, potato-faced. But she can spiff herself up when she needs to, so she can go in either direction -- something like Vivien Merchant, who could look dowdy or regal, whatever the role called for. And Driver is one hell of an actor. I've never seen her in a role that calls for the kind of authority a police lieutenant needs, but there's no doubt in my mind that she could do it.

What do you all think? Barbara?
Posted by: Rita

Re: The Perfect Marian - 09/01/02 09:21 PM

Oh, yes...she would be just right. Even better when she gets a few more years on her. But she has exactly the right look, even down to the coloring.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: The Perfect Marian - 09/01/02 11:16 PM

Chris, I think you're right. She does fit, beautifully. I wonder why I didn't think of her myself.

The first time I ever saw Minnie Driver was in an Irish movie about a homely girl whom the men all ignored. Then a couple of years later she turned up at the Academy Awards looking like something out of the pages of Vogue. I like that chameleon quality; and yes, she is one hell of an actor. I think she'd make an excellent Marian.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: The Perfect Marian - 09/02/02 01:30 PM

So the question now is - which BP book should be sent to Ms Driver with an invitation to a) contemplate herself as Marian and (if she likes the idea) b) use her influence to get it filmed?
Posted by: Scribbler

Re: The Perfect Marian - 09/02/02 01:52 PM

THE RENEWABLE VIRGIN -- I think the interactions between Marian and Kelly are fun.
Posted by: Kay

Re: The Perfect Marian - 09/02/02 02:24 PM

And who did we decide was going to play Kelly?

And did we ever settle on HIM?
Posted by: Barbara

Re: The Perfect Marian - 09/03/02 09:29 AM

Hm, I'm not so sure The Renewable Virgin would be the right book to get a star interested. Marian is only one-third of that book, for one thing. And for another, that's the one in which I call Marian potato-faced. You Have the Right To Remain Silent is the first in the series in which Marian is front-and-center. And it's the book in which Holland makes his first appearance.
Posted by: Kay

Re: The Perfect Marian - 09/03/02 10:32 AM

Good choice. I agree that you won't be able to sell a potential Marian with a plot where somebody like Kim Bassinger is taking up most of the space.
Posted by: Scribbler

Re: The Perfect Marian - 09/03/02 02:28 PM

Depends on how you adapt it.

(Sorry. Hehe. As one who *would* like to adapt the series I've thought about it a little. )
Posted by: Jon

Re: The Perfect Marian - 09/05/02 02:09 PM

Then, once the series is well established, we can go back and do a "how they first met" prequel.

I agree, Minnie Driver is a terrific choice.

Of the Holland suggestions, I thought Jude Law was the best. Like Driver, he's not American but does the accent perfectly. They're roughly of an age (she's 2 years older). And he's as much of a chameleon as she -- even more important in this role where one has to be kept wondering what he's really like.
Posted by: Carolyn

Re: The Perfect Marian - 12/04/04 11:46 AM

Strange coinky-dink.... I haven't read the board for quite awhile, but was moved to do so after reading a wonderful book I was given called FACES OF GROUND ZERO. It's one of the lovely LIFE books, and has giant Polaroids of people who were at Ground Zero, like the firemen and police who survived, or all the people who helped with the cleanup.

Anyway, on page 110 is a photo of Detective Patti Varone, Mayor Guiliani's personal security, who got the first calls for the Mayor about the attacks.

I looked at the photo, and thought "Marion!" I don't know if I would describe her as "potato faced", but she is a strong looking woman, and no beauty queen.

I can't find a photo of her on the Web, so the next time you're at the library, go to page 110.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: The Perfect Marian - 12/04/04 02:56 PM

Can she act?