Posted by: Barbara

Moving - 10/28/02 08:39 AM

Folks, I know I haven't been around much lately, but I've been packing like crazy. It's become necessary for me to move to California -- not Scrib's neck of the woods, but the northern part. On Nov. 15th Allied Van Lines is going to empty my apartment, and the following day three nervous cats and I will board a plane for Sacramento. I'll be living in a nearby town called Citrus Heights, which is flat as a pancake.

The Allied moving van (with computer aboard) won't get there until later, so it may be the first week of December before I'm back online. At least I hope the van will show up in California instead of heading toward New Jersey; my Allied agent looks just like Christopher in The Sopranos. ::sigh::

God, I hate moving.
Posted by: Kay

Re: Moving - 10/28/02 09:16 AM

Thoughts, prayers, good vibes, whatever....I hate moving too. It's been six years since my last one, which was six years after the one before that. So I guess it's time to start looking again

LOTS OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Scribbler

Re: Moving - 10/28/02 10:08 AM

Wow! All the way cross country.

Sacramento, eh? I have friends who live up near Yosemite. Hmm. I might make an excursion up that way. Let me know how you do in the settling in.

But I hope everything comes through the transfer well. Especially the cats (not to mention the computer).
Posted by: Julia

Re: Moving - 10/28/02 01:00 PM

My sympathies - I've done enough long-distance moves to find the idea deeply unappealing even without cats to worry about.

It gives me an idea of the scale of the US to realise that you are moving to near me in US terms - and it's still a couple of hours away by car or train...
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Moving - 10/28/02 04:33 PM

I last moved in 1985, and I hope I don't have to do it again (it was only about two miles across Leeds, but it took a horrific amount of preparation and a whole long day for the actual move ...).

Good luck, Barbara!
Posted by: Rita

Re: Moving - 10/29/02 05:31 AM

Wow, that's a big step, Barbara, uprooting yourself like that. Like Andrew, I hope never to move again, and I hope it isn't too traumatic for you.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Moving - 10/29/02 12:25 PM

So you're going to be a West Coaster instead of an East Coaster? Everything on that side of the Mississippi is strange territory to me, in spite of quick trips to LA and SF. Best of luck in your new home.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Moving - 10/29/02 05:42 PM

I'm still recovering from my last move, and that was three years ago! Sympathy and commiseration, Barbara. I hope it all goes without a hitch.
Posted by: David Dvorkin

Re: Moving - 10/29/02 06:10 PM

California! Holy cow! Never thought of you as fitting in on the West Coast, somehow, although I admit I can't say precisely why.

Too bad it's not really Northern California, as in the Humboldt Bay region. It's utterly lovely up there.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Moving - 10/30/02 10:43 PM

Ha, a friend in New England says she can't imagine me anywhere except Pittsburgh. (Neither can I.) I've lived in California before, for four years -- in the southern part.

Scrib, you're welcome to stay with me whenever you're in the area -- if you don't mind a too-soft bed and sharing a bathroom with the cats. (Unless I can think of a better place to put the litter box.) But it's a roomy bathroom.

Thanks to everyone for your commiseration; I don't see how in the world I'm going to be ready by the 15th. The only time I come online any more is when I'm too exhausted to pack another book or lift another box.
Posted by: Lorna

Re: Moving - 10/31/02 10:20 AM

Barbara, you aren't doing all your packing yourself, are you???
Posted by: Scribbler

Re: Moving - 10/31/02 10:25 AM

Well, there are some things, like books, that you don't want the packers packing. At least that's how I felt when I moved from Texas to California.

Besides, given how long it takes to pack books, I wouldn't want to add that time to the hourly wage of the packers.

Thanks for the open invite, Barbara. I'm cat-friendly so that's no problem.
Posted by: Pete

Re: Moving - 10/31/02 02:07 PM

Is this move going to create a change to this BBS, Barbara?

I, for one, would hate to have to move--and I know it is something I will have to do within a year, as my spouse is adamant about giving up this house and taking an apartment.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Moving - 10/31/02 02:58 PM

No change to the board, Pete.

The movers will pack dishware, pictures, and other breakables. It is indeed those books -- and papers and office supplies -- that are causing the problem. The new place will have exactly double the floor space I have now, but I estimate only about half the wall space. Too many big windows, not enough room for bookcases, file cabinets, storage cabinets. I've already disposed of almost 3000 books, and I'm not finished yet. Moving hurts.
Posted by: Kay

Re: Moving - 10/31/02 03:11 PM

I packed nearly everything myself for both my last moves - half of the stuff from the 1990 move was still in storage when I moved in 1996. I think I'll have an estate sale before I have to move again.

But the "office stuff" as Barbara said remains the worst of it and the part you simply have to do yourself. At least a move would inspire me to clean up the office.

And, on that subject, Barbara.....if you can possibly fit it in among the cat carriers, I'd try to move the computer myself. Of course, in 1996 I only had a laptop to deal with and few if any pereferals.

But I'm just not sure I'd trust my computer to a moving company.

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Posted by: LizP

Re: Moving - 11/03/02 04:39 PM

I have absolutely no desire to move, although my husband brings it up from time to time (he works 45 minutes south of Philadelphia, in Wilmington, and from his point of view it would make since to move to a Delaware County suburb). But the thought of packing everything up, not to mention UNpacking it at the other end, well, I'd rather not think about it. Good luck, Barbara!
Posted by: Jon

Re: Moving - 11/07/02 04:05 PM

I'm late chiming in, but I too feel for you at needing to move -- I hate hate hate the process, I moved to my present address 7 years ago, and I'm not planning on moving from where I live now for a good long time.

It'll be odd for me to think of you living anywhere but Pittsburgh -- you seem to "belong" there somehow, maybe because it's in so many of your books. (Also because I like the city so much.) I wish you well with the whole process.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Moving - 11/08/02 12:03 AM

Thanks, Liz and Jon. I'm already beginning to miss Pittsburgh and I haven't even left yet.

Is anyone here familiar with the Phoenix airport? Is it big? I have only half an hour to make a connecting flight there and if my plane is late, I'm in trouble.
Posted by: Kay

Re: Moving - 11/08/02 08:43 AM

For some reason I thought you were driving cross country...which, even without cats, would be pretty rough this time of year. Do you have to get the cats through the airport, too?

This site gives a sort of map of the airport:

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Posted by: Scribbler

Re: Moving - 11/08/02 10:32 AM

I've been through Phoenix in the past -- although I don't recall if I had to change planes there (traveling on Southwest). It didn't seem to be a difficult place. If you're staying on the same airline, especially.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Moving - 11/09/02 12:08 PM

Ah, I should have thought of an online airport map myself -- thanks, Kay. Terminal 4 where I'll be arriving has two branches; if my connecting plane leaves from the same branch, I should be okay.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Moving - 11/09/02 01:18 PM

Don't American airports hold connecting flights (within reason)? I can remember a frantic dash at Dallas/Fort Worth to get from a late-running flight ex Seattle to the plane for Manchester, only to discover that they were expecting us.

Maybe international travellers get better treatment than internal passengers?
Posted by: Kay

Re: Moving - 11/09/02 02:03 PM

Two years ago I returned from New Zealand on the flights from hell (and with what turned out to be pneumonia)....Aukland to Sydney, then to LAX, exasperating trip through customs, walk to domestic terminal, long wait for the Redeye to Philadelphia, then to Charlotte for a very close connection to Roanoke, which I boarded at the last minute, only to be told I was on the wrong plane because the gates had been changed at the last minute.

The flight attendant rather unceremoniously ushered me off the plane and gave me back my boarding pass and told me to go to a gate some distance away.

When I got there the plane had left - nobody bothered to offer to hold it for me.

As I mentioned I was already sick, and, when the man at the gate told me I'd missed it, I burst into tears. In seconds he was on the phone, had located another flight for Roanoke that was about to depart, got a golf cart and escorted me to the gate, where they WERE holding the plane.....and I was seated in the only available seat, in First Class.

I haven't had to resort to tears since, but I am keeping it in reserve. The squeaking wheel, you know.....
Posted by: Scribbler

Re: Moving - 11/09/02 09:47 PM

Yeah, tears (genuine) can be effective. Happened to me in Dallas-FortWorth.

Barbara, one thing you can do, and I recommend you do it, is during your first flight as the stewardess goes by at some point, ask if the flight is on time. Even if it is on time, tell her you've got a close (in time) connecting flight (and have the flight number immediately at hand) and that you're ill/tired and you want to make sure you catch the connection. Ask if the connecting flight can be notified that you are indeed going to be there. They may call ahead for you, so that the second flight will be expecting you at their gate.

Or call the airline a day or so ahead of time and ask them about their policies regarding connecting flights, and let them know your concerns. I've found that when you contact places ahead of time, letting them know you want to be sure you understand something, they try to be helpful. Mainly because you *aren't* a frustrated/angry/hurting customer at that time, I think.
Posted by: David Dvorkin

Re: Moving - 11/27/02 11:58 AM

Has anyone heard from Barbara? I assume that either she's still too busy settling in to get back online, or she's having trouble getting connected.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Moving - 11/27/02 12:00 PM

She was predicting up above that she might not be back online till the first week of December (next week).
Posted by: Scribbler

Re: Moving - 11/27/02 10:57 PM

With all the stuff involved in resetting up one's household, I'd think plugging in the computer came last on the list.
Posted by: David Dvorkin

Re: Moving - 11/28/02 10:12 PM

Thanks, Andrew. Somehow I managed to miss that detail in Barbara's post.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Moving - 11/29/02 09:34 PM

But glory be, the movers got here right before Thanksgiving and I am connected again, hallelujah. I was beginning to suffer withdrawal pains.

I made the connection in Phoenix okay, and arrived at the house around midnight -- which was 3 a.m. Pittsburgh time. I was pretty much wiped out, but the cats just seemed bored by the whole experience. They've adjusted faster than I have. But I must say I enjoyed the first leg of my flight more than any other plane trip I've taken. The reason was that for the first time in two months, I didn't have any physical labor to perform. All I had to do was sit there and read. Heavenly. This move has been strenuous for me, but there's been one unexpected benefit: I've lost 18 pounds.

Food costs more here; items I bought regularly in Pittsburgh are a fourth to a third more in California. Biggest culture shock: garbage collection. One container per household per week. That's a county law. If you have more than that, you have to hire someone to haul it away to the dump. Then you have to pay a dumping fee. And here I have an absolute mountain of empty boxes out on the patio. Oy.

Anyway, I'm settling in. Not all the unpacking is done yet, but I'm getting there.
Posted by: Scribbler

Re: Moving - 11/29/02 09:39 PM

Yay! She's back and in one piece!

As for California and garbage... alas yes. That's the case in most cities and towns in California. Specific days for pick up and limits.

Glad the transfer went well for you.
Posted by: David Dvorkin

Re: Moving - 11/29/02 11:45 PM

Glad you're there safe and sound, Barbara.

An East Cost mystery writer's California culture shock ... Why, there's a novel in that!
Posted by: Julia

Re: Moving - 11/30/02 12:45 PM

Glad to see you back, Barbara. On the packing debris, check if they have a recycling program - you may be able to put the cardboard boxes out a bit at a time in the card and paper recycling. The other thing to check is if they have any household cleanup days included in the annual allowance - Mountain View has a system where each year there's a scheduled spring cleanup day, plus you can have a couple of pickups by appointment of large collections of rubbish. I suspect they've found that if they don't offer "springcleaning" services, the stuff just gets fly-tipped. There are *lots* of canyons around here with the most amazing collection of household items and old cars at the bottom.
Posted by: Kay

Re: Moving - 11/30/02 01:58 PM

Just caught up with the prodigal's return to the board, what with the THX holidays, etc.

Welcome "HOME"!
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Moving - 11/30/02 05:04 PM

Good to hear that you're up and running again, Barbara.

Sacramento must be one of the few American towns to be mentioned in an Italian opera...

On the other hand, I see that Citrus Heights has been a City for only five years. In these parts, it takes a much longer time for a town to become a city.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: Moving - 12/01/02 05:36 PM

How large is the garbage container, Barbara?
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Moving - 12/01/02 11:33 PM

Chris -- I don't know the precise size, but it's a little bit bigger than those 33-gallon-size Glad Lawn Bags; I can squeeze in a couple of smaller bags as well.

Julia -- They do have recycling here, but they pick up only every other week. And all the recylced material must fit into a recycle bin that's the same size as the garbage container. That means all the boxes would have to be cut up to fit in the bin. With the number of boxes I have, cutting them up would be my life for the next month. Two months. I'm just going to hire someone to haul them away.

Andrew -- The word "city" is only a legal term in this connection. Citrus Heights was originally a Sacramento suburb, little more than a bedroom community. But five years ago the residents were fed up with paying high taxes to Sacramento and getting virtually nothing in return, so they voted to incorporate (thus the "city"). The consensus seems to be that the quality of life improved considerably since then: clean, well-maintained streets, a separate police force, businesses moving in, etc. It's still a far cry from what I consider "urban" -- and I suspect the residents want to keep it that way.
Posted by: Kay

Re: Moving - 12/02/02 11:59 AM

Originally posted by Barbara:
The consensus seems to be that the quality of life improved considerably since then

Except for the garbage collection, of course

In the Roanoke area we have the same thing with the single, rather large container.....where I am we get picked up by a franchisee or something and can put out ANYTHING in bags, boxes, etc, and they'll take it.

Recycling, because we have so many separately incorporated places, varies but there are three points where you can take your recyclables, two of them fairly near me. One of these takes plastics, the other takes "plain" and "office" paper and cardboard, so I visit one of them one week, the other the next....both take newspapers, glass and cans.
Posted by: Pete

Re: Moving - 12/02/02 05:16 PM

The grass is always greener, of course...

For instance, we get a container for trash, picked up once a week, and a shorter container for recycles, picked up every two weeks. Both are those bins-on-wheels. In addition, larger stuff is picked up every week, as well. But leaves must be put in clear lawn bags--in the next city over, leaves can just be piled in the street, and the city comes along and vacuums it up.

I have about ten trees on this lot. You can imagine what my biggest problem is!

It's been nearly 30 years since we moved, and I can't begin to comprehend what will be involved--and yet, we plan to leave this house next year. I have no idea what we will do with all the things we have amassed and can't take...
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Moving - 12/03/02 11:09 AM

Yes, that's the problem; going through the accumulation of a lifetime and deciding what goes, what stays. Pete, if you know you'll be moving next year, best to start the weeding-out right now. Doing it all at once can introduce a distinct note of panic into one's life.

Originally posted by Kay:
Except for the garbage collection, of course

Except that. But since that's a county law, no mere city (real or otherwise) can do anything about it.

I have a new teakettle. It doesn't whistle; it hums. First one note, then a lower one, and then both together -- a chord. Neat.
Posted by: Julia

Re: Moving - 12/03/02 01:33 PM

Originally posted by Barbara:
Yes, that's the problem; going through the accumulation of a lifetime and deciding what goes, what stays. Pete, if you know you'll be moving next year, best to start the weeding-out right now. Doing it all at once can introduce a distinct note of panic into one's life.

Having done this myself not so long ago, I will second the advice. Further complicated for me by the fact that some of the stuff was going to the US, and some of it was going into storage in family attics (or family houses, in the case of the consumer electronics). I had a row of archive boxes lined up on the landing for several weeks - every so often there'd be a session of "This will be packed for overseas, this will be packed for the UK, this will be thrown out when I leave, this should have been thrown out two moves ago and it's going *now*." And cataloguing of things for the insurance, which turned out to be a good thing, because I did need to make a claim for water damage.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Moving - 12/03/02 01:55 PM

Originally posted by Barbara:
if you know you'll be moving next year, best to start the weeding-out right now. Doing it all at once can introduce a distinct note of panic into one's life.
I think this is a personality thing - I find that only panic, or something resembling it, will actually make me do things. Example: my sister and husband and two teenage children, one of each sort, came to stay at the end of August. This necessitated not just tidying the spare bedroom (actually the room in which I'm typing this and where I keep most of my papers and clothes and stuff like old opera programmes) but also clearing out the other two rooms on the top floor of the house and putting up beds in each.

We'd known they were coming about two months previously - but the bulk of the necessary work was done in the week before their arrival. About 80% of the stuff to be dealt with was books. At first, these were sorted into ones to be thrown away, ones to be given to charity and ones to stay on the shelves or go on the new shelves, not without disputes ("you never look at these history books" "you never look at these architecture books" ...), but as the time got closer, it just became a matter of putting on the shelves what the shelves would hold and removing the rest in boxes to the cellar - which currently contains a mixture of sorted books and not-yet-sorted books, and it's not necessarily apparent which are which. Must get round to looking through them again, one of these days.