Titles from Shakespeare

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Titles from Shakespeare - 08/01/03 11:27 PM

Barbara, did you see this?

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Re: Titles from Shakespeare - 08/02/03 05:35 PM

Oh, isn't that something! The writer actually went through and counted the "To be" titles -- ha! That's great.
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Re: Titles from Shakespeare - 05/09/05 05:34 PM

I just caught up with a Guardian profile of Spanish author Javier Marķas: http://books.guardian.co.uk/review/story/0,12084,1477339,00.html

It seems that some of his titles are from Shakespeare, possibly in Spanish translation, though possibly not, from the list at the foot of the article. Specifically mentioned are:

"Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me"
"When I Was Mortal"

(both from the same speech in Richard III. The former's on your RIII page, Barbara - in Spanish - but the latter isn't)

"A Heart So White" is apparently from Macbeth, not on your site.

There's also "Dark Back of Time", adapted from "dark backward and abysm of time" in The Tempest - not sure if this counts.
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Re: Titles from Shakespeare - 05/11/05 12:14 PM

Oh, absolutely it counts! And thanks, Andrew, even though I'm late in seeing your message. I'll add the new ones this week. I know there must be scads of foreign-language titles I just haven't come across, and I don't really know what to do about that.
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Re: Titles from Shakespeare - 05/11/05 03:36 PM

The fourth book in Jasper fford's Thursday Next series, which I am reading now, is called "Something Rotten."

Hamlet himself has a major supporting role along with Lady Hamilton and Bismarck.

If you haven't dipped into this quirky series, referred to somewhere as Harry Potter for adults, you need to ... and be sure you start with "The Eyre Affair" because it sets everything up. Personally I liked the second one, "Lost in a Good Book," the best.

Of course, you have to be able to handle perfectly outrageous literary puns. One minor character is named Millon deFloss.
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Re: Titles from Shakespeare - 12/18/08 10:26 AM

Hi Barbara,

Seeing your very nice "Titles from Shakespeare" again inspired me to do a little writeup for Troynovant : "Titles for the Common Words". I had fun with it!

Troynovant : recurrent inspiration
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Re: Titles from Shakespeare - 12/18/08 08:58 PM

Not too easy to track down, but it's at http://www.troynovant.com/Franson/Shakespeare/Titles-Common-Words.html