In the kitchen

Posted by: Barbara

In the kitchen - 12/11/03 07:47 PM

That's a link to an article in today's New York Times about how computers are being placed in the kitchen more and more now, making the kitchen the hub of family life. The article uses several families as examples, and my son's is one of them. Nifty.

There's a small picture; look for a guy opening the refrigerator. That was the lead picture in the print edition, taking up a fourth of the page. (I have one copy. Have you ever tried to buy a NYTimes in northern California?) Anyway, I never dreamed that when my son got his picture in the Times, it would be for his kitchen.
Posted by: Rita

Re: In the kitchen - 12/12/03 11:16 AM

Hey, I'd take it. But that's interesting, how the PC is making the kitchen the center of family life. But you have to have a pretty big kitchen for that to happen. So many kitchens in new houses are just "areas", not a walled room at all.
Posted by: Christopher

Re: In the kitchen - 12/12/03 08:24 PM

And some apartment kitchens are postage-stamp size. The main thing I remember about my great-grandmother is her kitchen, a big roomy place where everyone congregated. But that kitchen in Wayland looks to be a pretty good size.
Posted by: Kay

Re: In the kitchen - 12/12/03 08:43 PM

Even in that little picture, I can see the kids have really grown....which of those two at the counter is Katherine and which is her mom?

Liz is on the road, or she would probably be posting that HER computer is usually in her sewing room.

I'm still goofy enough to have mine in what I laughing call my office (and everybody else calls the junk heap).
Posted by: Barbara

Re: In the kitchen - 12/13/03 11:21 AM

The one in dark clothing is Lois; you can't tell very well in that small picture, but she's using a laptop. Katherine is next to her, already taller than her mother. ::sigh::
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: In the kitchen - 12/13/03 12:48 PM

Your son seems to have a pretty mammouth kitchen, Barbara (and six computers between five people?). I'd be concerned to keep PCs as far away as possible from wet things, hot things, sticky things, flour spills... plus, when I'm cooking, I mostly don't want people about. And that's also true when I'm on the computer, now I come to think about it - I have difficulty enough concentrating as it is.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: In the kitchen - 12/13/03 04:59 PM

The catchword is "multi-tasking", Andrew. One of those six computers is practically Stone Age vintage; I think they keep it because it has some games that won't run on the faster computers. And yes, that's a big kitchen. The house once belonged to Archibald Cox; maybe he did a lot of entertaining.