Disappearing Topics

Posted by: Barbara

Disappearing Topics - 12/04/04 02:59 PM

The last time I looked, there were about a dozen topics here. I did not delete them; where did they go? Oh, the mysteries of the UBB! Someone should write a book.
Posted by: Pete

Re: Disappearing Topics - 12/04/04 06:27 PM

They appear to be back.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Disappearing Topics - 12/05/04 02:01 PM

Interesting. The topics show up in Netscape but not in MSIE. This has happened before, in other forums. At that timed I tried to re-install MSIE, but guess what! Microsoft won't allow the installation of a new browser as long as the same version already exists on your hard disk. And MS makes it extremely difficult to delete MSIE; I have yet to find a way.
Posted by: Kay

Re: Disappearing Topics - 12/05/04 02:10 PM

I ran into the same reinstallation problem with MSIE a while back. The browser I had was malfunctioning, not allowing me to access certain sites where I was getting a "turn on your cookies" message, even though my cookies were turned on.

I could not unintall and whenever I tried to reinstall I got a message that I had a "newer" version already...goodbye.

Finally acquired a disk for some service or other, Earthlink I think, and it had a later version of MSIE than the one on my computer and I was able to install it.

MOST of the glitches disappeared, but not all. And it seems to be getting cranky again.

Check with some place like Radio Shack, where they often have disks other than AOL for give-away. Apparently AOL is now using Netscape instead of MSIE as its underlying browser.

Come to think of it, aren't you on Earthlink/Mindspring? Don't know how you'd get a disk from them, though.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Disappearing Topics - 12/05/04 07:10 PM

Oh, I've got the disk; that's not the problem. But I have the most recent version of MSIE on my hard disk and that's what can't be overwritten. I got the same goodbye message when I tried to uninstall. All I can see to do is wait for the next version of MSIE and install that.
Posted by: Kay

Re: Disappearing Topics - 12/05/04 09:17 PM

Yep. That's what I had to do.
Posted by: Jon

Re: Disappearing Topics - 12/13/04 05:48 PM

If I ask to "see all topics" rather than "last 45 days," I see several dozen topics here, instead of just 3.

But I have a feeling you're talking about something different.
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Disappearing Topics - 12/13/04 06:36 PM

Oh, for crying out loud! That's it, Jon. I thought I had all the forums set for "Show all topics", but this one, for some reason, was not. It is now.

Hmm, I'm supposed to know more about this board than you do. Embarrassing.

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Posted by: Kay

Re: Disappearing Topics - 12/13/04 11:44 PM

When I click "Show All Topics" I guest a list going back to 1999.

I think most of the other forums have been cleaned periodically so I don't get topics going back that far.