Watching opera

Posted by: Pete

Watching opera - 07/01/13 10:17 AM

I happened to see a large part of a Met performance of The Elixir of Love yesterday. Anna Netrebko and a tenor I didn't recognize, but as he came out for bows last, I assume he is well known and thought of.

What is thought of Netrebko?
Posted by: Barbara

Re: Watching opera - 07/01/13 06:21 PM

She's a Big Star, Pete. She's opened every season of the simulcasts for the past few years, and she's doing so again this fall, in Eugene Onegin. If the L'Elisir you saw is the same one simulcast last October, then the tenor was Matthew Polenzani. Did he look like this?

Posted by: Pete

Re: Watching opera - 07/02/13 11:41 AM

Yes, it was Polenzani. I enjoyed their singing, but I am always unsure of whether my taste matches the rest of the world's. I have always assumed that the Met tries to present the best it can, of course. Polenzani is more believable as Nemorino than the last, overweight, tenor I saw on TV in the part.
Posted by: Jon

Re: Watching opera - 07/10/13 09:55 PM

Polenzani has come up through the ranks at the Met, doing well with the "important secondary" parts and now being given the leading roles like this one. (He's also paired with Netrebko in a Don Pasquale that's out on DVD.) I've seen him in recital and he's superb in that context too.

Netrebko is definitely a big star. In addition to the quality of the voice, she's one of those people with a certain magnetism that makes her interesting to watch.