Lucia from Munich

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Lucia from Munich - 07/14/13 02:49 PM

For 2 weeks, a concert performance of Lucia di Lammermoor, first streamed live last week from Munich, is available online.

It is conducted by Jesus Lopez-Cobos, and the soprano and tenor are luxury casting for this opera: Diana Damrau and Joseph Calleja. I saw some of it during the initial stream, and enjoyed them both very much indeed -- to me he is a most welcome throwback to the phrase-caressing, melody-molding tenors of times past (including their lightly flickering, but to my ears attractive and healthy, vibrato).

Two participants of special interest: Veteran soprano Marie McLaughlin as Lucia's confidante Alisa, and the use of glass harmonica (Donizetti's original intention) rather than flute for the mad scene.
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This thing?

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Re: Lucia from Munich - 07/14/13 07:30 PM

Same principle, but the guy in the concert is actually doing it the low-tech way: touching the rims of water glasses and goblets. (It's in Act III if you want to check that out.)
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Thanks for posting the link.
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Re: Lucia from Munich - 07/18/13 07:46 PM

Yes, that's a much softer sound than the flute -- less assertive, more true accompaniment than soprano/flute duet. That was quite an ovation Diana Damrau received. I applauded too. smile