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#1264 - 12/04/04 11:46 AM Re: The Perfect Marian
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Strange coinky-dink.... I haven't read the board for quite awhile, but was moved to do so after reading a wonderful book I was given called FACES OF GROUND ZERO. It's one of the lovely LIFE books, and has giant Polaroids of people who were at Ground Zero, like the firemen and police who survived, or all the people who helped with the cleanup.

Anyway, on page 110 is a photo of Detective Patti Varone, Mayor Guiliani's personal security, who got the first calls for the Mayor about the attacks.

I looked at the photo, and thought "Marion!" I don't know if I would describe her as "potato faced", but she is a strong looking woman, and no beauty queen.

I can't find a photo of her on the Web, so the next time you're at the library, go to page 110.

#1265 - 12/04/04 02:56 PM Re: The Perfect Marian
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Can she act?

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