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#6338 - 01/01/13 12:41 PM Re: Current Movies (2011) [Re: Barbara]

The CGI in Life of Pi is so convincing there's only one thing that gives it away as not real, and that's the fact that there's no way in hell they could have gotten most of those shots in live action. A masterful job.

#6341 - 01/01/13 01:43 PM Re: Current Movies (2011) [Re: Barbara]
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Anybody else seen Les Miz? We went (I was visiting Liz in Savannah) on Christmas was packed. It was pretty well done but somehow lacked the punch of the stage version, which I've seen twice...
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#6343 - 01/01/13 07:46 PM Re: Current Movies (2011) [Re: Kay]
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We're skipping Les Miz, but I agree with everything said about Life of Pi. The movie for me was what happened in that lifeboat. The rest of it made a nice frame, but not too enthralling. Still, it's a remarkable achievement.

#6345 - 01/02/13 10:30 AM Re: Current Movies (2011) [Re: Barbara]
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Uh, folks, shouldn't we close this topic down and start a new one for 2013?
Regerds, Pete

#6346 - 01/02/13 11:05 AM Re: Current Movies (2011) [Re: Pete]
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Yep. I'll close it, and the first person who has a new movie to talk about can start Current Movies (2013).

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