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#31316 - 12/11/16 09:22 PM Re: Show Biz Trivia 16 [Re: Barbara]
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Fortunately that movie was just shown on the new POP channel. Movie Buffy wants to marry Christian Slater.

What real-life figure has been played in movies or on TV by Val Kilmer, Fredric March, James Garner, Melvyn Douglas, Jason Robards, Franchot Tone, Dan O'Herlihy, Kevin McCarthy, James Stewart, Tom Skerritt, Bing Crosby, and about a dozen more?

#31368 - 02/26/17 11:46 PM Re: Show Biz Trivia 16 [Re: Rita]
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Mark Twain.

"Can't even shout.
Can't even cry.
The Gentlemen are coming by.
Looking in windows,
knocking on doors...
They need to take seven
and they might take yours..."

Seven what?

#31369 - 02/28/17 12:56 AM Re: Show Biz Trivia 16 [Re: Barbara]
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"Can't call to Mom,
Can't say a word --
You're going to die screaming
But you won't be heard."

In the current soap opera about young Queen Victoria on PBS, there's a scene at an opera house for a performance of Lucia di Lammermoor. Right after the Mad Scene, one of the characters gets up to leave and says "At least I won't have to stay for the second act!" What's the boo-boo?

#31370 - 03/01/17 12:30 AM Re: Show Biz Trivia 16 [Re: Austin]
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Ah, another easy-peasy! The Mad Scene is in the third act.

Who founded Sunnydale, and why?

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