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#3924 - 11/04/11 07:47 PM Re: Chat Chat [Re: Rita]

Surprises, yes! I thought Denzel Washington's and Nicolas Cage's names meant money in the bank. Eddie Murphy's used to, but his day is past. Tom Cruise too, I suppose. But then, I've never understood why anyone would pay Will Ferrell anything.

#3933 - 11/05/11 07:25 PM Re: Chat Chat [Re: ]
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Nicolas Cage has made a lot of successful action movies, but he's also made a bunch of clunkers that were in and out of the theaters before you knew they were there (his Bad Lieutenant movie, for example, didn't even earn back Cage's salary). Same for Denzel Washington; his The Great Debaters earned only one-fifth of its cost. The surprise for me is Tom Cruise. His last two movies both lost money (Valkyrie and Knight and Day), but he's back in another big-budget Mission Impossible movie opening next month.

#3934 - 11/06/11 11:01 AM Re: Chat Chat [Re: Rita]
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Who is Vince Vaughn?

#3937 - 11/06/11 12:23 PM Re: Chat Chat [Re: Rita]
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I saw him in an entertaining film ("Swingers") with Jon Favreau.

#3938 - 11/06/11 12:40 PM Re: Chat Chat [Re: Rita]
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It looked as if only the last three movies were used in establishing the ratio. Barrymore has evidently been in three clunkers, most recently. She must have had a series of hits to get to the point where her salary was such a significant part of the cost of the movie. Also, many movies end up profitable based on worldwide admissions, TV sales, DVD sales, etc.
Regerds, Pete

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