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#775 - 11/08/99 04:58 PM Re: The Scrivenery and GKS
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I guess this is relevant here:

In London last month, I used my Visa card quite a bit. I also used my ATM card a couple of times, once for cash and once as a debit card.

The statements are in now...the exchange rate on the Visa was 1.70 to the pound....the cash card (my bank) gave me 1.67 and no exchange fees.

Next time, I think I'll stick with the debit/ATM card!

Something to think about when ordering online, too.
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#776 - 11/15/99 01:13 PM Re: The Scrivenery and GKS

My copy of GKS dropped through the letter-box while I was at work today. One week turn-round seems quite good, and presumably it can be printed on demand in the UK as well as the US. Even with the shipping charge, 11.20 isn't an outrageous price - a paperback of the same size might cost that over here (where everything is more expensive), and this is definitely superior quality.

I'm looking forward to getting started on it this evening!

#777 - 11/16/99 09:56 AM Re: The Scrivenery and GKS
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Ah, that's great, Andrew. I thank you, and Scrivenery Press thanks you.

The actual physical printing is done by Lightning Press, which is located in the US. But the distributor (Ingram) is all over the map. I don't know the ins-and-outs of distribution; in fact, I find it a rather scary subject.

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