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#848 - 04/09/00 08:07 PM Re: Casting Director

Didn't Tony Randall do Poirot once?

Suchet is the one everyone thinks of nowadays, but in my mind's eye, I always thought of him as short and slim, walking stick, spats, kid gloves and all.

Joan Hickson is the one who did the TV versions of Miss Marple, right? I thought she was perfect, too.

#849 - 04/09/00 10:31 PM Re: Casting Director
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I was able to enjoy the Margaret Rutherford romps by pretending that was some other Miss Marple, not Agatha Christie's. For me, Joan Hickson is THE Miss Marple.

#850 - 04/10/00 04:41 AM Re: Casting Director

I thought Albert Finney in "Murder on the Orient Express" was the perfect Poirot. It may have looked like caricature, but Poirot was a caricature anyway (and I bet he had a whale of a time doing it). I was most disappointed when he was replaced by Peter Ustinov for the follow-ups: Ustinov never plays anyone other than Ustinov.

I agree with Scribbler about Roy Marsden and Dalgleish, though my memories of the latter are getting dim - I stopped reading P D James when it became apparent that she was suffering from the delusion that she was Dickens (not long after "Death of an Expert Witness", I think).

#851 - 04/10/00 10:06 AM Re: Casting Director

Pray tell: Was I wrong about Tony Randall, or is everyone intentionally ignoring me?

All those big fat men playing Poirot. No wonder I don't like any of them.

#852 - 04/10/00 10:29 AM Re: Casting Director

Yes, according to the IMDB, Randall was Poirot in The Alphabet Murders (1966), with a full gamut of British character actors as supporting cast.

#853 - 04/10/00 11:01 AM Re: Casting Director
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Ustinov never plays anyone other than Ustinov

But he does it SO well
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#854 - 04/10/00 04:25 PM Re: Casting Director
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I realized after looking back through posts that I made a comment that sounded like I thought Kelly was an air-head. Of course, she's not - she just gets perceived that way, which was why I was thinking blonde.

I never quite bought Hayes or Lansbury as Miss Marple. Even though I like both actresses. I think it was because they both have a certain liveliness of nature, that you just *know* these women have been married. Their personalities are just too attractive. Miss Marple (in reading) was always so primly withdrawn.

That's what Joan Hickson conveys so beautifully. That surface withdrawal so much a part of an elderly maiden lady of the period. And yet, she also displays that very knowing quality of Miss Marple.

My favorite moment of Hickson in the role - this is off the top of my head, so I can't remember which story it was - is when the police inspector, the one that doesn't like her, is talking to his undering about the village setting and has referred indirectly to Miss Marple. Something about her interfering, I think. Anyway, he's just described her as a cobra. Immediately, she comes up some stairs behind him, sees him, her blue eyes wide open, with that knowing smile, and says "Ooh. Hello, Inspector."

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