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#993 - 05/08/01 03:55 PM Re: How reluctant is that op?
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Same thing, Mary. And yes, Chris, it does indeed work. A lot of products promise a flea-free summer, but Advantage really delivers. I don't know the product Mary uses. (Rita, one of my cats does the "torture" act too when I apply the stuff; the other two barely notice.)

Chris, some of us on GEnie got together and produced an anthology of mystery stories that shared the same fictional setting; "The Reluctant Op" was one of those stories. But we couldn't sell the anthology. The editors we approached were interested, but editors no longer decide what gets published; Sales Departments do. We could never get past Sales.

#994 - 05/09/01 06:35 PM Re: How reluctant is that op?
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Oh, Frontline works. Chessie acts like I'm trying to carve my initials in her neck, but once it's there she's oblivious, so I think it's just that she doesn't like being held down while it's happening.

Barbara, if you never got the opportunity to sell the stories, did you ever consider doing something online? E-publishing it, or something?

#995 - 05/09/01 11:38 PM Re: How reluctant is that op?

That anthology sounds like a GREAT idea. I've read shared world science fiction, but I've never seen it done in mystery. Those sales departments must be nuts.

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