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Uh, Mary, you [b]can buy Good King Sauerkraut new. It's available in a nice POD edition you can find right here: http://www.scrivenery.com/catalog/1893818012/index.shtml . It can also be ordered through bookstores.[/B]

Oh, great, now I AM a weasel.

OK, tell me--are all the Marians still available new? I have GKS, I have (darn it, blanking on the title--the one with the Large Marge sting in it), and everything AFTER that, but I believe I'm missing some earlier ones, which I'd like to get my mitts on. (Just checked the main page and the two I'm missing are The Renewable Virgin and He Huffed and He Puffed.) (Off to look for them.) (Well, after work.)

One thing I do, similar to what Julia said, is try out new authors via secondhand book sales or paperbacks, but once I've decided I like you, I tend to buy hardback, at least in the last five years or so.

Edited because I got off my butt and looked up the titles.

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