Barbara has spoken for herself on this topic. No need for me to comment on her comment. I do think there are truths to what everyone has said.
Basically no one wants to deprive a writer of well deserved income from their labors. It is refreshing to note this. Therefore any internet system should and could establish a means for paying the writer per download.
The next question is: How would one prevent Joe from sending the newest Marian novel to his friend Harry via email?
Actors get paid residuals. One might establish something like this for books, but only on the internet. Perhaps an identifying code that would have to travel with any forward or attachment. The question again is who would police this? Is it too Big Brother if someone knows what is in our email?
A German language version of a Paul novel? Hmmn. I never thought you'd sell your books to another medium, Barbara. Other writers have, but few maintain control and quality. Spencer was not a bad TV show, but what was lost was the ability to imagine him as someone other than the actor who played the part. It is like James Bond. Who reading the books today would NOT be thinking Sean Connery? Sherlock Holmes is forever Basil Rathbone. Marian? Well, laugh if you all want to but I think a thinner Camryn Manheim would fit. I'm totally off base here, but that's what I see. A younger Elaine Stritch would also do well in the role.