Ok I am not meaning to be irrelevant and redundant here, but I just finished reading "Fare Play" and renewed my enjoyment of all Barbara Paul's works. I have been reading books by her for years and years, own most of them in beat up paperback copies. Enrico Caruso mysteries, 2 old science fiction novels, The Fourth Wall, He was already dead when I got here, and many others.

Mostly I read science fiction, though there are a few mystery authors I have always enjoyed. Besides Barbara Paul, I'd include Lawrence Block, Donald Westlake, Peter Dickinson, Edmund Crispin, and a few others... some too prolific but a lot of their books are fun (Aaron Marc Stein for example) and others too limited but still excellent (Orania Papazouglou and her romance novel industry mysteries... gosh I wish there were more of those...)

I was frustrated on Amazon.com when the nearly 300 listings of books that I got clicking on "Books by Paul, Barbara" were by various other people including Barbara Kingsolver and William Shakespeare (no kidding - try it). However, the link to the author interview which said she had her own large website brought me here and I'm so glad!

It's great when authors I've been reading for so many years can be found on the web. I've got excellent information from the web about such various favorites as Sylvia Engdahl, Diana Wynne Jones, Neil Gaiman and Daniel Keys Moran. And now Barbara Paul

I was also interested to see that people were discussing Blakes 7 on here. One of my roommates in college had the entire series on videotape so I was able to watch it from beginning to end... bizarre but fun stuff. And of course so I know who Avon is. Now I need an idea what actors or whatever the other characters look like. Kelly for example