Hi, Merigold. I just caught up with this, having been out of town when the thread started, and currently blazing around getting set up for my fall teaching before I play hookey all next week in Seattle (yay!).

Anyway, yes I seem to be the resident Westlake nut here, though not the only one thanks to Our Excellent Preceptress. I *think* I've read just about everything of his, though I know I've missed some short stories and wish he'd do a catchup collection. Among others on your list, I also try to read everything of Peter Dickinson and Edmund Crispin. Also Sarah Caudwell (which is unfortunately all too easy), Robert Barnard, John Dickson Carr, and of course Barbara Paul.

Did you read the new Dortmunder that came out this year? One of his absolutely inspired premises. Alas, this was also the year for another unrecognizable Dortmunder movie adaptation, which I skipped (still, what other character has been played by Robert Redford, George C. Scott, Paul LeMat, Christopher Lambert, AND Martin Lawrence?).

I'm among those who pictured Kelly as a blonde. It seemed to go with the way she got typecast on TV as the ideal golden girl in that first book. (But not a sexpot Loni Anderson type.) But it's true that the books don't pin her appearance down specifically. And now that I think about it, the TV actresses who have at one time or another impressed me as drop-dead gorgeous have all had darker coloring: Lesley-Anne Down, Morgan Brittany, Mel Harris, Sela Ward. So what do I know?