Well, the weekend is past, I've read the Caudwell, I've sent my lengthy thoughts on the Seattle RING to opera-l (if anyone wants a look, they can be found here) and I'll post a few thoughts on the first of the Larch books that I read - the rest can wait till tomorrow.

The Renewable Virgin

This is a crumbling second-hand Bantam paperback which cost me $5.98. I like the Art Deco/Vorticist cover, though it doesn't relate to the book in any way that I can think of. I also like the idea of the story being told from three viewpoints - has anyone else done this before? All I can think of is Wirginia Woolf's The Waves. And I found Kelly, with her uncertainty over grammar apparent from the first page, really developing into a three-dimensional character, quite hard-headed but endearing as well as intelligent. (I think of her hair as light brown or even auburn, FWIW!)

I was a bit unsatisfied by the main dénouement, mainly because it came rather early (p127 out of 184). I expected some extra twists which never came, but this was based on standard whodunnits that I'd read over the years.

I'd forgotten that there was an extra bit to be unravelled, but because the victim was so shadowy, I wasn't terribly interested.

One linguistic point (from p100 of the Bantam): "sic the police on them" - is this a real expression or a misprint (?for "sick"?).