The Apostrophe Thief

Somehow, this one seemed less serious than the others. The victim is a shady person we've never met (actually, Barbara, we don't meet most of your victims before they are murdered, or not for long), and the whole "fan" thing is mostly amusingly treated - the Zingones, for example (I loved Luke's bizarre way with words) - though the shaving-mug business shows a different sort of obsession. Plus actors always seem to leaven the dough. Oh, and the Waltzing Brünnhildes!

Then I enjoyed the Marian/Holland thing, still developing but full of misunderstandings, plus Murtaugh versus diFalco.

Overall, this is one where I wasn't too bothered about finding out who did it, nor very interested when the answer emerged - the interest was in the surroundings.

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