There is a web site that offers owners the opportunity to sell their used books. I will not mention it here. I did tell Barbara about this. It is a small problem for authors. It is the sale of their work from which they do not profit.
It is akin to someone making a cassette copy of a CD. It is artistic theft, but many do this without thinking.
While it did remove Barbara from the profit of her labor, it did give me a chance to read Bibings and other titles I did not have that are out of print. Was it wrong? Perhaps. Yet, were I to locate this book in the library, would that be as wrong? It is indeed a book that has been sold or donated, but each reader is a lost sale. For writers who sell millions of books this is no big problem. Dean Koontz and Stephen King, among others, will not die poor. Other writers however are in the majority when it comes to income. Sad to say it, but it is not a craft that pays commensurate to the enjoyment offered by the writer to his/her public.