K-Mart has been the target of employee lawsuits since the early 90s; that's when the CEO decided to change the company's "look". He decided to replace all the over-40 women with sweet young things, and the way the branch managers were instructed to go about it is especially disgusting. Women who'd consistently gotten performance ratings of "above average" and "outstanding" suddenly began getting "could do better" and "needs improvement". So when the branch managers fired them, they could point to the performance ratings and say "You've been slipping." The CEO referred to these women as "the old broads" and talked about their body parts in public.

In a different suit, one of the women had worked for K-Mart for 11 years without ever being promoted, in spite of being "Employee of the Month" seven times. Men with one or two years' experience -- some of whom she'd trained -- were promoted over her. And women who dare to lodge a complaint about this treatment are consistently demoted and then fired.

Oh yes, those commercials are very irritating.