First I had to remember what IPL stood for. Then I had to find a copy...and by golly, that is a gun she's holding. I never looked that closely either.

No, the teaser wasn't my idea; that was Hugh Abramson, founder of the now-defunct International Polygonics. At least he got my name right in this one. In the other book of mine he reprinted (Liars and Tyrants), I was Babrbara Paul. (Fortunately, that was on the inside and not on the cover.) I kind of liked Hugh, in spite of the fact he was not cut out to be a publisher; he had this bad habit of going bankrupt at crucial moments. He made two strong attempts at reprinting my opera mysteries, and the second time even got A Cadenza for Caruso into print. But the copies were never shipped to the bookstores -- because Hugh couldn't pay his warehouse bill. I've always wondered what happened to those books.

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