Yes, I can. Lindsay Crouse would be my first choice. I like Lindsay Crouse; I like her a lot. But even in her "plain" mode, she's a little more elegant than I think Marian should be. Nevertheless, she has the authority and the presence a police lieutenant should have, and she'd make an excellent Marian.

My second choices would be Debra Winger and Martha Plimpton. Winger is too pretty and Plimpton too thin, and neither has that built-in authority that Crouse possesses; but as far as acting is concerned, either one of them could carry it off.

Holland is a different matter. I admit that now I have trouble seeing anyone other than Paul Darrow in the role -- but the Paul Darrow of 1970. I don't know any current actor in the right age range with the right qualities: British, acerbic, and immensely attractive. I suppose Pierce Brosnan comes closest, but he's a lightweight; someone with "stage weight" is needed, like Patrick McGoohan in his forties. I just can't think of anyone.