I've been looking up pictures of the actors on Andrew's list, and to my embarrassment I find I'm familiar with all of them except one. I just did a terrible job of remembering names.

Certainly I should have remembered the name Jude Law, from The Talented Mr. Ripley if nothing else. He definitely has the striking good looks and the poise I like to pretend Holland has. But, alas, he's about ten years too young.

So is Dylan Moran, who's really a comic actor and not very pretty to boot. The only thing I've seen him in is Notting Hill; currently he's making or just finished making a comic-caper movie with Michael Caine called The Actors. But he's not Holland.

Rufus Sewell is 35, but he has a rough-life look to him that makes him appear older and might do very well. He was Fortinbras in the Branagh Hamlet, and he was also in A Knight's Tale (which I gave up on pretty quickly). I'd like to see him in something else.

Nathaniel Parker fits the bill pretty well. He's the right age, and while he doesn't fall into the "conventionally handsome" category, he is attractive. And he was an impressive Rochester in Wide Sargasso Sea. Not the same "type" as Paul Darrow, but that would be too much to hope for.

David Morrissey is the right age too...but. I've seen him in a number of things -- Drowning by Numbers, Hilary and Jackie, The Suicide Club. This is undoubtedly petty of me, but I just don't like his looks or his manner. The guy's a real turn-off. It's a personal antipathy.

Also in the right age bracket is Mark Rylance, whom I've seen in a few British TV shows that have been aired here. He was in Prospero's Books, but I don't remember him in that. He can put on a good, intense manner when he needs to, but he's rather ordinary looking. And he'd need to wear a hairpiece.

The one actor on the list I don't know is 35-year old Steven Macintosh. He's done TV mostly, only a few movies. The only photo I could find showed a brooding, handsome man who was certainly projecting the right attitude for Holland. But you can't tell what kind of actor a man is from looking at his picture.

On the whole, I'd say Nathaniel Parker was probably the best bet, followed by Rufus Sewell. With the door left open for Steven Macintosh.