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The one actor on the list I don't know is 35-year old Steven Macintosh. He's done TV mostly, only a few movies. The only photo I could find showed a brooding, handsome man who was certainly projecting the right attitude for Holland. But you can't tell what kind of actor a man is from looking at his picture.
I've mostly seen him on TV, He was a quietish John Rokesmith/Harmon in the last BBC adaptation of Our Mutual Friend (with David Morrissey very effective as the frustrated Bradley headstone). Mackintosh also made a convincing transsexual in the film Different for Girls, but has certainly played harder roles of one sort and another.

Here's a site with a picture gallery: http://lavender.fortunecity.com/fullmonty/482/stevenm.htm

Also, there's the League of Obscure British Actors site, with all sorts of other possibilities, e.g. Ioan (Hornblower) Gruffudd, and another actor I'd forgotten about - Jack Davenport from a very enjoyable TV series about young lawyers called This Life.


(Some of those actors are really not very obscure ... Sean Connery, for example).