I looked up Peter Wingfield and drew a blank. I watched a number of the Highlander episodes, but I just don't remember a character named Methos. I also saw the Martin Chuzzlewitt and don't remember him from that either. And that's the problem: ideally, Holland would be someone you could see once and then remember forever.

Also, I checked the Stephen Macintosh URL that Andrew posted in the other thread, but Macintosh isn't as handsome there as he was in the one glamour shot I found. Well, maybe he can act handsome.

Originally posted by Jon:
Rufus Sewell is an actor I much admire (loved him in Cold Comfort Farm as the son who wanted to go to Hollywood... But he seems to me too broadly built for Holland, who needs to be lean and sharp-edged. But if the author feels otherwise, who am I to argue?
Well, maybe I'd better back down on that. I mentioned I'd like to see him in something else because I don't have a clear picture in my head. And I did see him in Cold Comfort Farm -- the second one, right? Within the last decade? Must be. But I don't think I particularly noticed his body type. I really do need to see him in something else.

And yes, I have indeed seen The Talented Mr. Ripley now. It showed up on cable not long after you were first talking about it.