well, and I have to admit that Dark City certainly, erm, shows off Sewell's body to best advantage. Yes, objectively there's nothing stocky about his build, and I retract what I said as I recall this bit of evidence. There's still *something* about him for me (and I should reiterate that I like his acting very much -- great Fortinbras in Branagh's Hamlet for instance)... but clearly I'm on shaky personal-perception ground here, and I'll change the subject.

To another casting idea for Marian. You liked my idea of Lindsay Crouse, so here's another: Laurie Metcalf. She was one of the originals in the Steppenwolf Theater Company, and I often saw her onstage in Chicago, where she seemed like one of those actresses who so transformed herself in each role that she'd never make in movies or TV and probably wouldn't want to. Wrong again, Jon! She's built up quite a screen resume, and was even a TV favorite on a sitcom and won an Emmy for the role. My usual experience with her is to settle into my chair looking forward to seeing her again, and then get to the end and wonder "where was she?" and realize she had a big role all through and I missed her entirely. here are some of the things she's done:

"Roseanne" -- played the grumpy sister (won Emmy)
"Norm" -- played Norm McDonald's officemate
Desperately Seeking Susan -- the suburban sister-in-law ("Take a Valium like a normal person!")
Making Mr. Right -- the needy coworker who finds herself on a date where she buys John Malkovich clothes
Internal Affairs -- Andy Garcia's lesbian partner
Pacific Heights -- the couple's lawyer
Leaving Las Vegas -- landlady
Toy Story (both) -- voice of the mother

That's just for starters. I've belatedly realized that she's who I pictured as Marian when reading the books, even though I didn't put a name to her at the time.