Chris -- I don't know the precise size, but it's a little bit bigger than those 33-gallon-size Glad Lawn Bags; I can squeeze in a couple of smaller bags as well.

Julia -- They do have recycling here, but they pick up only every other week. And all the recylced material must fit into a recycle bin that's the same size as the garbage container. That means all the boxes would have to be cut up to fit in the bin. With the number of boxes I have, cutting them up would be my life for the next month. Two months. I'm just going to hire someone to haul them away.

Andrew -- The word "city" is only a legal term in this connection. Citrus Heights was originally a Sacramento suburb, little more than a bedroom community. But five years ago the residents were fed up with paying high taxes to Sacramento and getting virtually nothing in return, so they voted to incorporate (thus the "city"). The consensus seems to be that the quality of life improved considerably since then: clean, well-maintained streets, a separate police force, businesses moving in, etc. It's still a far cry from what I consider "urban" -- and I suspect the residents want to keep it that way.