Originally posted by Barbara:
Yes, that's the problem; going through the accumulation of a lifetime and deciding what goes, what stays. Pete, if you know you'll be moving next year, best to start the weeding-out right now. Doing it all at once can introduce a distinct note of panic into one's life.

Having done this myself not so long ago, I will second the advice. Further complicated for me by the fact that some of the stuff was going to the US, and some of it was going into storage in family attics (or family houses, in the case of the consumer electronics). I had a row of archive boxes lined up on the landing for several weeks - every so often there'd be a session of "This will be packed for overseas, this will be packed for the UK, this will be thrown out when I leave, this should have been thrown out two moves ago and it's going *now*." And cataloguing of things for the insurance, which turned out to be a good thing, because I did need to make a claim for water damage.