Thank you! I am certainly going to check those two authors out.

I am definately book obsessed and finding "new blood" so to speak is getting harder.

Right now I am working on P.D. James' new one "Murder Room" and am re-reading Dorothy Dunnett's historical Nicolo series. (I'm up to "Race of Scorpions" which is a bit depressing, so I needed to take a break and read something more cheerful like Murder Room)

I also read a lot of biography and history. My main area of interest is WWII, although I read on other eras as welll. I am working my way through North Africa and Sicily right now and will soon be starting on reading about the Eastern Front. I'm trying to get perspectives other than American.

I also adore Iris Murdoch, Louise Erdrich, Robert Graves, P.G. Wodehouse and of course Barbara Paul. (Shameless sucking up I know but nonetheless true)

Right now on my over burdened bedside table I have the 5th Volume of Churchill's history of WWII, Erdrich's "The Master Butcher's Singing Club", "The Three Junes", Hillerman's "The Skeleton Man", "The Age of Innocence", Milne's "The Red House Mystery" and that's only in the first pile. LOL I can't wait for some time off during the holidays to get out the cocoa, the home made cookies and just curl up on my couch and indulge myself. (cell phone OFF!) {I live in Southern California but I pretend it's a real Christmas with the cocoa etc}

Again thanks. I am open to any suggestions. I don't promise to like, them but I do promise to check them out and try them.