Dear Barbara,
I was delighted to find this site since I have been a reader of your work for sometime. Like Jon, I have a special fondness for The Fourth Wall and reread it at least once a year.
I find it both intiguing and disturbing. I love books that leave you a bit uncomfortable in the end and Fourth Wall did that to me.
It was a little like watching a Hitchcock film. You made us identify not only with the theater company, but in a small way, with their tormentor as well. As appalling as his actions were, I found myself waiting for the next atrocity to happen. (Like watching a train-wreck or something.) Then when the ultimate horrors occured I was shaken back to reality and was shocked at the horrified fascination that had gripped me for awhile By the end, I supported the actions of the group when they choose to retaliate and a part of me was disturbed at how easy it was to slip into the revenge mode, not so very far removed from their tormentor's mindset.
I have read several Marian Larch novels as well and am trying to track down more of your books at local mystery bookstores. Once I find an author I like, I love getting all of thier work under my belt.
Thanks for many cozy nights, sipping wine by the fire and reading a good book.