Thanks, Barbara. I found your theater influences to be extremely interesting. Bram Stoker did theatrical management for years before he wrote Dracula. I think that a dramatics background is an huge asset for those writers who have had it. It helps the flow of the book and aids a reader as they visualize the action within.
Jane Eyre was also a huge favorite of mine as a child. Like you, Wuthering Heights left me cold when I was younger, but as an adult, I grew to appreciate it's dark and twisted aspects. It still blows me away that the Brontes led such an isolated existance, both geographically and self-imposed, yet still were able to unchained their imaginations to a degree most of us could never attain.
As for mysteries, they are the genre that grabs my interest the most. I read as many as I can but have a special fondness for debut novels by women writers. Discovering a truely talented auther for the first time is so exciting! That was how I discovered Carol O'Connell. Mallory's Oracle was one of the best debut novels I had ever read. Like The Fourth Wall, I have reread it several times. I am a Val McDermid fan, in fact I love the Tartan Noir crowd. The Scottish crime/mystery writers out there today can always be counted on to deliver intense, compelling and unsettling works.
Take care and thanks for writing back.