Hi! You know, I wasn't sure if I went over the top with the title, but it reflected my emotions! I was on the web in search of your books for purchase, and was thinking about how fortunate I was to have just happened upon your work. It's hard to explain that joy of discovery to someone who isn't a fan of reading, but I'm sure that you can relate. I was thrilled to see that you had a website and this forum. You mean I can actually talk to her?

Mysteries are what made me fall in love with reading as a child, specifically in the short-story format, which I still love. I haven't delved into science fiction too much. As a youngster I tried some sci-fi, and it seemed like the characters were all good and all evil, or had motivations that didn't ring true. I preferred the dark, funny, complicated, and real characters I read in mysteries. But my early favorites were Jospehine Tey and Ruth Rendell, so that'd be hard for anybody to top! It could be I was just picking the wrong sci-fi books. There's plenty of mystery I don't care for, where the characters are one-note, but it's a pretty strong genre in general. And I think mystery writers have been turning out the best short stories for years.

I'm an Octavia Butler fan. Someone recommended her to me, specifically Kindred. Read it, loved it, and at this point I've read most of her novels and short stories. I have her last book, the vampire one, on my "To Do" shelf, so I'm looking forward to that. Her work seemed to be more like social commentary disguised as sci-fi, but I'm told a lot of sci-fi is like that.

I also love Fay Weldon, who isn't sci-fi, but some of what happens in her novels seems science fiction-y. I love the darkness of her characters!

So I delved into your site and saw that you write sci-fi, too! On eBay, I saw the romance books with your name and assumed that was a different Barb, and that's what I'd thought about the sci-fi too, but now I know better! I'll definitely check those out, I know that I love your writing style. Thanks again!